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    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    .RARMake the Compactors kill 100 Peripheroids.
    Aaha!Help the frozen, weird-looking alien squirrel get his preferred food on stage 18.
    Assembly this!Destroy the same Assembly Center 3 times.
    Band of BrothersTeleport all colonists to safety in Spec Op «Darkest Hour».
    Batteries not IncludedSpend more than 1987 Etherwatts in a single Mission.
    Beam me Up, Scotty!Teleport the five missing Captains scattered in Sagan-1.
    Brotherhood of SteelComplete Mission 4 only deploying Mechas.
    Bug HunterDestroy 11 Fell Refineries.
    Can't Stop the SignalComplete Mission 2 with the COMSAT taking no damage at all.
    Cloudy with a Chance of...Rain down a total of 100 Dropguns to the battlefield.
    Day of the TentacleDefeat 93 tentacles in Mission 13.
    Defense BudgetEarn a total of 5000 Credits.
    DiscoveryEarn more than 5000 Techpoints.
    Emerald DawnComplete the Spec Op «In Brightest Day» with both Power Cores active.
    Expert EugoogoolizerHave 100 of your Squads die. They will be missed.
    Fast and FuriousDestroy the Fell Bishop's cocoon in less than 4 minutes.
    Feel the ForceDefeat the Fell Bishop in the Spec Op «A New Despair» in less than 30 seconds.
    Flawless VictoryComplete Mission 7 without losing any Squads.
    ForerunnerKill 343 Peripheroids.
    Full Battle RattleSpend 10000 Credits at the Arsenal.
    GalaxianDestroy a total of 46 Raad Carriers.
    Go for the Eyes!Complete Mission 9 without losing a single Squad, like a miniature giant space hamster could do.
    God of WarKill 500 enemies.
    Grab The SchwartzExtract 10000 Etherwatts.
    Guardians of the GalaxyKill 7000 enemies.
    Hard ResetDefeat Mr: Rob070 in Normal or Veteran difficulty.
    Heart of the SwarmDefeat the Fell Tyrant in Normal or Veteran difficulty.
    HelldiverDeploy any Hero to battle 100 times.
    HeroesSave the Ambassadress, save the world!
    I Feel ConfusedHelp the broken Protocol Droid on Mission 10.
    I'm the DoctorHelp the Doctor travel through the timey wimey stuff in Mission 11.
    Immensity MittenFind the 6 Immensity Stones to awake the awesome Mitten of Tranos.
    Impressive, Most ImpressiveDefeat the Fell Tyrant in Impossible difficulty.
    InterstellarDefeat Nexus, the Raad Vanguard Master, in Normal or Veteran difficulty.
    Jaeger MaelstromComplete a Mission with at least one Brawler, one Shellstorm and one Firewalker at the same time.
    Jellyfish JamTap 9 alien jellyfish until they explode.
    Killer InstinctKill 20 or more enemies in less than 3 secs.
    Kingdom RushBuild a total of 149 Towers.
    Left 4 DeadKill 4000 enemies.
    Let the Rookie WinComplete Mission 1. We knew you could do it.
    Life, the Universe, and EverythingSearch for the ultimate answer buying 42 different upgrades.
    Little Green MenFree the cute alien from The Claw's grasp in MIssion 12.
    Look at you, hackerCapture all 3 Core Processor's switches without ever losing any of them in Mission 11.
    Loose CannonAttack 1000 times with Rocket Towers.
    Maximum EffortComplete all Campaign Missions in Impossible difficulty.
    Men of DestinyKill a total of 300 enemies in Emergency Frequency Spec Op.
    Night of the Robot DeadKill a total of 150 Jackbots resurrected by Oculus.
    No one bites the dustBeat Spec Op «Into Darkness» with all survivors.
    No one Left BehindRescue all 4 wounded soldiers in Mission 3.
    Not a scratchComplete Spec Op «Laser Tag» with the prototype Dropgun unharmed.
    Not Enough EnergyKill 17 Etherleeches before they drain your Etherwatts storage.
    Once a Marine, Always a MarineHave 4 Ranger Squads fighting at the same time in a single Mission.
    Portal KombatDestroy 30 Raad Portals before any enemy can enter our galaxy through any of them.
    Potato BatteryExtract 1000 Etherwatts.
    PwnedKill a Spammer before it spawns any Inductors.
    Rage against the MachineDefeat Mr: Rob070 in Impossible difficulty.
    Real SteelHave at least 4 Brawlers active at the same time in Mission 8.
    ResearcherBuy any Upgrade from our wonderful selection.
    Resistance is not FutileSave all base colonists in MIssion 5.
    Scrambled EggsBeat the Spec Op 'The Colour out of Space' having destroyed all Bishop cocoons in the process.
    Smile and WaveHelp the squad of funny penguins achieve maximum coolness on stage 15.
    SnowpiercerDestroy a total of 72 Ice Blocks.
    Speed RacerWin Spec Op 'The Last of Them' in less than 7 minutes.
    Still AliveDefeat Nexus, the Raad Vanguard Master, in Impossible difficulty.
    SupersoldierHave a Hero reach max level.
    Team 17Have the worm throw 5 Holy Hand grenades at the enemies' faces.
    The ArrivalDeploy 77 Empyrean squads onto the battlefield.
    The Force AwakensWake 21 Grimcrushers from their stone slumber.
    The GreyKill 50 Alpha Fenrirs during a single try of stage 18.
    They Killed Renny!Find the 4 mischievous kids lost in the snow on stage 19.
    Three of a KindHave 3 Heroes reach maximum level.
    Try meAnnoy a Hero. They like it!
    Turtle PowerHelp Sandro unlocks his cowabungous inner self.
    Tycho Magnetic AnomalyHelp the space monkeys get the secrets of the Monolith in Mission 4.
    Winter SoldierRecruit a total of 41 fighters in the Ga’r Warhalls.
    Worms ArmageddonDestroy 8 Worm Cannons in a single Mission.

    Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer.

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