Where are the tranquilizers located at?

  1. I found a weapons key but I can't find where the cabinet located at.

    User Info: katz_online

    katz_online - 1 year ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Go Upstairs to the and then go to the room beside the room you started in (not the bathroom)

    There you should find a hallway containing a hanger in the other side of that room

    then you should see a stack of boxes covering a entrance to a secret room

    move the boxes by pushing them and enter'

    go downstairs and then youll find the cabinet directly to your right in the next room
    (after you left the stairs to the 2nd room just look directly right to find the cabinet with a tranquilizer and 3 darts)

    Disclaimer: The extra darts are useless as 1 dart could be reused

    User Info: MahdeenSky

    MahdeenSky - 1 year ago 1   0

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