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  1. I log in every day and have completed all stretch goals. Taking way too long to level up with the rotating animals.

    User Info: cmbuckner

    cmbuckner - 1 year ago

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  1. Other than the stretch goals, free calling cards can happen with the timed goals or as a daily log-in prize.

    You can also get a calling card by crafting a character's special item and putting it in your camp. When you get animals to level 15 (sometimes level 10).and put them at your campsite, they will ask you to craft a special item. Once you build it and place it in camp, talk to them again for your prize. For example, when I got Angus to level 15 and built a streetlight for my camp, he got +10 heart level points, and I got 1000 bells, 1 request ticket, and 1 calling card.

    The only other way to get calling cards is to purchase them with real money as part of an add-on pack.

    You mention that it is taking too long to level up. If you mean your player character, I can tell you that by level 36 you will have unlocked all the available animals, clothing/furniture, amenities, materials caps, inventory slots, and market boxes that you can that way. Further inventory space or market boxes have to be purchased with leaf tickets. At present, after level 36 there is nothing more to unlock by leveling up. (I am at level 61.)

    User Info: empathy4u

    empathy4u - 1 year ago 1   0


  1. Sometimes when you animal friendship lvls up to a high number (like 10, 15, etc) and sometimes when you lvl up.

    User Info: Pizzacat10

    Pizzacat10 - 9 months ago 0   0

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