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  1. So I ran into someone named Clem and she had a strange hairstyle I have never seen and purple eyeshadow over the half closed eyes. I can't figure out how they did it. Anyone know?

    User Info: Flamepool

    Flamepool - 1 year ago
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    Here are some screenshots(For some reason gamefaqs won't let me post any of the links for imgur even dorect links so just delete the space)
    ht tp://
    ht tp://

    User Info: Flamepool

    Flamepool - 1 year ago


  1. To properly answer the question to cover my base, I'm going to first explain that you can change the hair and facial features of your character. You would access this from going to "more" on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, then "settings", and then the "Edit Character" option. From there you can select which gender to play.

    That hairstyle and eye choice are available to the male characters only. The hair is the second choice in the first row. The eyes are the first choice in the last row.

    User Info: RandomMode

    RandomMode - 1 year ago 0   0
  2. From just looking at the first screenshot, im pretty sure they are just options for hair and eyes for boy characters.

    User Info: Pizzacat10

    Pizzacat10 - 9 months ago 0   0

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