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  1. When I check the 'Friends' box in the upper row in the right corner, some of them have an "!" next to their name. What does it mean? I know a shovel means they are asking for help at the Quarry. Are there any other symbols next to a friend's name? What do they mean? Also, I give Kudos daily to friends. What is the benefit for me and my friends?

    User Info: Pindar_Draconia

    Pindar_Draconia - 1 year ago

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  1. This means that they've accepted your friend request or they've been added to your friend list recently. It can also mean a new notification. Once you click on the icon it'll disappear once returning to the previous screen. Giving kudos can fall under a goal, so it's good to give kudos to players you come across either as a friendly gesture and/or completing the goal.

    User Info: rdavies

    rdavies - 1 year ago 1   0


  1. * SAME *

    User Info: Alexar82018

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