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  1. Uhmm.. recently my phone had a problem and the only solution is to reset it. So literally, i lost my one and only account in SAO. I tried to recover my data and fortunately they give me a data transefer code but i don't know how to use that code!

    can anyone help me please? i really want to recover that account!

    User Info: Joshuaperez105

    Joshuaperez105 - 11 months ago


  1. The way you use the transfer code is by launching the game. In the bottom right hand corner before you launch the game there is a button. There you will have to click transfer device I think then input your code and password. You will have to wait a while for the game to download then you have your account on a different phone. *If you transfer your account from IOS to Android your memory diamonds will not transfer*

    User Info: Joekiller_77256

    Joekiller_77256 - 9 months ago 0 0

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