Any good builds for a neutral iv altina in feh?

  1. I've got a neutral iv Altina and I was planning to build but never knew what to give it can one of y'all help me?

    User Info: oddspic

    oddspic - 2 months ago

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  1. /FTP EP (enemy-phase)
    You can go double on the stance skills, sturdy stance in A slot and mirror stance seal (if you have it). That is, if you don't mind foddering a 4 star Altena and replacing Ashera's Chosen basic kit skill. Sub for sturdy stance: fierce stance 3 (4 star Bantu fodder)

    /FTP hp stat modifiers
    Since she will be taking damage on a number of occasions, go with brazen atk/def in A slot and brazen atk/res seal. Or brazen def/res is another good choice if you have a valentine Conrad to spare. A person on my friend's list chose to keep Ashera's chosen and go with atk/res seal. (+atk Altina)

    Fort. def/res 3 in A slot. I did that straight away. (Sorry not sorry Kilff). Iote shield seal gives her back Ashera's Chosen. If you prefer a player-phase premium skill: mirror impact/sturdy impact/death blow 4.

    Time's pulse
    Pulse smoke
    Threaten atk/def 3
    Def/res oath
    Rouse def-res

    Atk/def oath is okay to use, but here are some options:
    Atk smoke
    atk or def ploy

    Grail fodders:
    Aversa odd res wave
    Haar odd def wave
    Panne def smoke
    Ylgr even def wave
    Arvis def ploy
    Julius atk ploy
    Leo distant def

    /B SKILL
    Vantage is ok. It's a reliable skill.
    Sub: (premium) special spiral
    Sub: (ftp) hit and run or drag back. Classic option for dispatching enemies paired with death blow.

    Reposition or pivot. I prefer pivot since it is good for baiting enemies and she can move anywhere freely.

    I don't know why you'd replace twin blades but take your pick: moonbow, luna, aether, galeforce, blue flame, ruptured sky

    Guidance, Aerobatics, Iote shield, wave skills, stance skills, close def, distant def

    I hope you find this helpful! So much potential for powerful Altina! :D

    User Info: NeophytePaladin

    NeophytePaladin - 2 months ago 3   1

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