Should I sacrifice them?

  1. Over the years I've gotten 2 Regular 5 Star Ike's, The 5 Star Brave Ike(with Urvan) and The 5 Star Freebie Vanguard Ike that has A S Support with both The Summoner and The Fjorm that's a permanent fixture of my Team

    So can you tell me if I should Sacrifice The 2 Level 13 Regular 5 Star Ike's and if possible also sacrifice The Level 1 5 Star Brave Ike(with Urvan) to turn my 5 Star Freebie Vanguard Ike into A Level 40+2 or if possible Level 40+3 into a even greater Power-house?

    User Info: JMISBEST

    JMISBEST - 1 week ago


  1. You can't mix and match different versions of units when merging. A +3 Vanguard Ike requires 3 extra Vanguard Ikes.

    User Info: CaRmAgE

    CaRmAgE (Expert) - 1 week ago 0   0

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