Do the EX Accessories Ever Come Back Once Missed?

  1. Hello! I was really sick during the Forging Bonds: A Time to Shine event and ended up missing the EX Accessories. I know that the regular ones come back every so often with the Tap Battles Quests but I don't know/remember if the EX versions do. I know it's not all that important but I would just like to know. Thanks!

    User Info: LifeTranslator0

    LifeTranslator0 - 3 weeks ago


  1. So far, no. All of the Tap Battle re-runs have given 5 old accessories. 4 forging bonds original accessories (no EX ones) and one accessory that was obtained through a quest in the past.

    That said, they might re-run the EX versions after do they all the original versions.
    Or they may implement an accessory shop, like they did for sacred seals to get old ones.

    Nobody really knows what will happen except IS, but there is no precedence for them giving out old EX versions. I doubt they will never give them out, but nobody know when or what method. It is just a waiting game for now.

    User Info: HowdyHowdy

    HowdyHowdy - 2 weeks ago 0   0

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