Who to give Special Spiral to?

  1. Finally pulled my first Lewyn on the revival banner and as such now have acces to SS. Any opinions on who to give it to? So far my main candidates have been 5*+10 Lilina or 5*+0 Ophelia. Am mostly aiming on using the hero is fodder it to for AR defense as I imagine that's the best use for the skill. Any input/experience is greatly appreciated!

    User Info: Eldeon

    Eldeon - 4 weeks ago


  1. Ophelia is definitely the better candidate. She's extremely annoying with her legendary tome, SS, Blazing Wind, and Hardy Bearing seal. SS allows her special to be fully charged after every time she uses it.

    The only ways to really counter her in this case are Naga or Melacholy+/Witchy Wand+, and most players likely don't have those. Without those, one would need a supertank so strong that he/she can survive both hits from Ophelia, but that's pretty rare to achieve outside of Light season.

    User Info: CaRmAgE

    CaRmAgE (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 0   2

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