How can I do the lunatic hero battles?

  1. So the 4 lunatic maps of Roy, hector, alm and Marth, I've been trying to beat them for a while with no luck, is there a way you could theory craft a way to win with my team?
    Here we go
    Draw Back
    Mirror stance 2
    Poison strike 3
    Threaten Res 3
    Atk/SPD 2
    Close Def 3
    Special Fighter 3
    Armour march 3
    HP/Res 1
    Black Luna
    Fierce Stance 3
    Vantage 3
    Panic Ploy 3
    Initiate seal Res 1
    Blazing Durandal
    Reciprocal Aid
    Brazen atk/Def 3
    Desperation 3
    Savage blow 3
    Initiate seal hp 2
    Sorry about how long that was, this is just a last ditch effort haha

    User Info: FireEmblemScrub

    FireEmblemScrub - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. "If you feed a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime."

    What you need is not a specific, turn by turn walkthrough through this specific instance from someone on the internet - which, of itself, is an incredibly tall order, considering that it's highly implausible that anyone with the same units and the same IVs (which you didn't even supply) would see this question or care enough to meticulously record the turn order to tell you

    So instead of supplying the incredibly niche answer you want - which I highly doubt any of us could give you in the first place - I will give you some general advice as to how to approach higher difficulty maps in this game

    If you think you have a viable way to win with a certain team and a certain skillset, you continue to try and puzzle through it until you manage to beat it


    You switch it up with different skills on the same units, or different units altogether

    The questions you want to ask yourself are these

    1. How effective is the team I am currently using?

    How far do they get into the map before they fail? Do the enemies that appear at first completely wipe you out, or could you have beaten the map if it weren't for not being able to kill that one enemy at that one critical point in the map?
    If it is the first, then reconsider your team composition
    If it is something akin to the latter, then you might have a shot with the team you are using

    2. Do all the skills I currently have on my units serve a purpose?

    This one will make or break your chances of success
    These maps are well-developed and tested by Intelligent Systems - they are able to be beaten by a nearly limitless number of teams, provided they are cohesive
    So it usually comes down to whether or not you are properly managing your limited allotment of skills

    For a pertinent example - Poison Strike on Morgan
    Poison Strike is widely regarded as a generally useless skill, and for good reason - it usually doesn't help kill a unit, and in the niche circumstances that it would help there are other, more effective options for a B slot

    Could you repurpose her B-skill slot into something more effective? Perhaps a Breaker, to make sure she can kill that one unit that comes at that one point and screws you up by killing or severely maiming one of your units?

    Or better yet, run a different set entirely on her - in things like Grand/Legendary Hero Battles, odds are you're not going to be tanking a lot of ranged units without having to tank physical units as well, meaning your units are either going to want to be mixed bulk Distant Counter units or hyperoffensive glass cannons - the first of which Morgan is most certainly not

    So either use something akin to a tactics Bladetome set on her, or consider not using her at all

    Secondly - initiate seal Res (first level, too >_>) on Zelgius? A unit with phenomenally poor resistance? Why not run something more useful, like Fierce Stance or Close/Distant Defense, in order to help him do what he's supposed to - tank physical units?

    3. Where are my units dying and why?

    This is something you need to consider in order to effectively answer number 2

    If there is a blue mage, for instance, that is threatening to kill your red tank unit, what can you do to make sure that he doesn't?
    Is it a matter of moving another one of your units to intercept it before it reaches him?
    Is it a matter of putting a different skill on one of his slots, to make sure he survives/kills them in return?

    Legendary Hero Battles are ones that require you to think tactically about the way you manage your units - which means that unless you follow f2p unit guides where you use the exact same units as they want you to, then you're going to need to think critically about the way you manage your own units

    I hope this helped - it's likely the closest you're ever going to get to a constructive answer here

    User Info: Eldin

    Eldin (Expert) - 2 years ago 3   0

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