+Spd -Atk Ephraim?

  1. Glad about the speed part, upset about the attack part. But he is my only five star blue, should I use him? I have a 4 star Abel but I don't know if he would outshine a 5 star ephraim or not.

    User Info: AttemptingToArt

    AttemptingToArt - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Hey attemptingToArt!

    A +SPD -ATK ephraim isn't the best, but there's always a way to make him viable. I recommend putting triangle adept 3 on him which gives him the ability to check all red units during combat. Though at a disadvantage with greens, ephraim isn't really paired to fight against greens. For your b slot give him lancebreaker 2/3. This allows him to have some kind of backup against lances like him during combat. And for c slot, you can really put anyithing of your choice. I'd recommend to put a hone/ fortify skill since he's very good at buffing units. But a threaten defense could also work as well. In conclusion your ephraim is still viable. Anyways I hoped this helped!

    User Info: CriticalMass32

    CriticalMass32 (Expert) - 2 years ago 0   0

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