Watersweep Leon?

  1. I got a +Speed -Resistance Leon. I'm digging his base stats, but I haven't decided what skills to put on him yet. I'm thinking Fury is the way to go for his A-slot, but what about his B-Slot? I got a 5-Star Soren I'm not using. I know Watersweep is typically considered a pretty worthless skill, but since Leon has such abysmal resistance and just slightly above-average speed (once he gets Fury 3 anyways), maybe it could work well on him?

    User Info: RSMar

    RSMar - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If you do Watersweep, you have to remember that Leon will not be allowed to do follow-up attacks (unless you switch out his Slaying Bow+ for a Brave Bow+, sacrificing 5 Might and putting him at 41 unassisted Atk). With Fury 3 to somewhat mitigate the Might loss (putting him at 44 Atk and 36 Spd), this might not be bad at all.
    You can also think about giving him a Tomebreaker skill if you want to counter a specific set of units. If your team is weak to Green Mages like Nino, but can handle Red and Blue just fine, you can sacrifice a 4* Henry for G Tomebreaker. With Fury's bonus, you might even be able to do Desperation instead to cover more units (though be wary that if you use Brave Bow+ alongside this, Desperation is less likely to be able to activate as you need to be able to double the opponent in the first place).

    User Info: MilodicMellodi

    MilodicMellodi - 2 years ago 0   0

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