New account Team to start with?

  1. New player here, would like advice which team I should commit to. I think Account #1 is probably the better team with the S+ tier Azura, but #2 has 2 5*s. Are the S+ tier characters that rare? and does anyone know if these limited time characters are worth it?


    Account #1
    5* Azura
    4* robin (male)
    4* Effie

    Account #2
    5* bride Lyn
    5* Peri
    4* Kagero
    3* Tiki adult

    User Info: stakuo

    stakuo - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I would suggest starting with just characters you like rather anything else, but between the two you listed, I would use account #1.
    The current bride banner has bride Cordelia the best offensive stat spread of all archers in the game making her amazing for player phase, but not as great on enemy phase. However to utilize her stats she needs a fair amount of feathers for skill inheritance.
    Bride Caeda and Charlotte are fairly good but not outstanding or better than existing characters.
    Bride Lyn has two skills that are unique, but neither of them are useful for the standard tactic of OHKO/ORKO style of play. Her stats also do not work well with her skillset.

    User Info: Enclosure

    Enclosure (Expert) - 2 years ago 0   0

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