Change Display Hero?

  1. I'm trying to change the hero that pops up when people visit my profile from Gwendolyn to Camilla.
    My friends tell me that you do it by putting that hero on the far left of your first party but they say it isn't changing.
    Did I do something wrong or do I probably just need to wait?

    User Info: freedkerokero

    freedkerokero - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Finally! A question I can answer!

    Go and edit your teams. The *first person* on the *very first* team you have determines your display member. Switch from Gwendolyn to Camilla there ;D

    User Info: joetakufortewin

    joetakufortewin - 4 years ago 29   5

Other Answers

  1. You just need to wait. It's probably based of the team you currently have selected.

    User Info: Nerthing

    Nerthing (FAQ Author) - 4 years ago 1   20

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