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Reviewed: 06/15/17

Run... In style!

~So, I'm the first review poster for this amazing game. I'm Lucky!~


Super Mario Run is an auto-running action game. This is the first Mario game on Android and is the best game ever. This game allows you to choose other characters (like Yoshi, Luigi, etc.) too. Collecting coins, defeating enemies, and running all the way is the main objective of the game. However, like other Mario games, you have to rescue Princess Peach.

Story [7/10]

Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach and destroys her kingdom. Fortunately, Mario came there and saw her being kidnapped and went ahead to save her. Thus, the story is similar to other Mario games and, therefore, it didn't impressed me too much.

Gameplay [9/10]

The game is both single-player and multi-player game that can be played with one hand only. This game needs internet connection to play. This game is a demo-version but you can play the full version by purchasing the game. This would unlock more worlds and characters. Mario constantly runs to the right, and you need to control Mario by tapping the screen to make him jump. Go as far as you can, defeating enemies, collecting coins, showing-off stylish moves, before you run out of time. This game contains three modes: Kingdom Builder, Toad Rally and World Tour. In Kingdom Builder screen, you can build and upgrade your kingdom using various kinds of decorating items that are exchanged with earned points.
In Toad Rally, you can either play against CPU player or compete against friends using Rally Tickets. This is a 1 vs 1 battle in which the player who collects more coins and toads by showing-off stylish moves wins no matter how long they ran.
In World Tour, there are 6 worlds that needs to completed to save the princess from Bowser. The gameplay is similar to the Toad Rally but the difference between these two is that you can fight with Bowser only in this mode.

Graphics [10/10]

The game's graphics and animations are amazing. The animation effects displayed when the Star and Mushroom power affects Mario is impressive. Graphics are of high-quality and are sharp and clear.

Sounds [9/10]

New and improved sounds and background musics made this game impressive. The main Mario theme is now better than before. The musics at different stages and scenes are relevant.


Though this game may be short, but if you play this game collecting everything to conquer this game, this game would take twice or thrice times the actual time taken to complete the game. And it would be very fun in collecting all achievements. However, you need not re-play this game again as this would be no fun next time. Therefore, you should try other modes in the game.


I truly recommend you to play this amazing game. This is the an amazing game for Mario fans. I also recommend you to purchase this game as this would unlock many things that are not available in demo version. Playing the full version is enjoyable a lot. So, what are waiting for? Get this game and play this best Mario game ever!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Super Mario Run (US, 03/23/17)

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