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"Yo-Kai Watch" has become a smartphone game with "Puni" and puzzles!

The monsters that everyone loves, such as Jibanyan and Koma have became "Yokai Puni" with a pleasant Punipuni feeling.

Turn it off with a tap and connect it to make it bigger!
The feeling of Punipuni becomes addictive!

[How to play]
Clear by defeating the enemy yo-kai that appear in each stage!

To attack, just tap on the "Yokai Puni" that fall from above to erase it.
When connected, it changes to "Big Puni"!

Great damage chance with fever and combos!

Each yo-kai has a special move, use it well to defeat your enemies.

You can become friends when you defeat an enemy yo-kai.
Let's collect a lot of yo-kai and play!

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