What's the difference between buff and debuff?

  1. I'm trying to understand the difference between buff and debuff cause I have cloud, Squall and the warrior of light are my best warriors but I can't beat boss with levels 180 without dying couple of times. Can someone help me.

    User Info: Darkblade19

    Darkblade19 - 2 weeks ago

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  1. A buff is something that improves a character while a debuff is something that hinders them. So Cloud, to give an example, gives himself a Max BRV Up, Phys Atk Up, and Crit Rate Up buff when he uses Finishing Touch and gives himself a Mako buff when he uses Meteorain. He gives the opponent a Paralyze debuff when he uses Cross Slash.

    As for beating bosses it's more than likely you're having longevity issues more than anything else. Prior to Chaos you really won't run out of abilities before the boss is dead so you will likely just "brute force" your way through everything and kind've just make it work regardless of good/bad play. With Chaos, however, you're really stuck in that you cannot just toss out abilities forever and have to make use of BRV/HP+ attacks. Similarly before Chaos your team composition really doesn't matter that much, doubly so if you're running WoL, because the enemies just aren't threatening enough. With Chaos, once again, you're going to face enemies that really require that your team composition isn't just "whomever I like" tossed together. In this case Cloud, Squall, and WoL isn't a particularly good team. WoL cannot be your solo healer for Chaos and Squall + Cloud is generally not a good idea as a combo due to it just largely being a bunch of physical damage without any real utility (Cloud's paralyze/dispel hardly being good enough to count in this context). Thus "best warriors" really isn't good enough, you need someone bringing actual utility to the team. In that respect Squall definitely comes across as your weakest link and probably should be replaced. If you have Y'Sh available then you might max her out and fix that, but if you don't Rosa isn't too far into the future and she can do the same. Both fix all of the inherent problems with your current team (lack of auras + a more dedicated healer) and both will work in a large quantity of different types of content.

    User Info: ellis123

    ellis123 (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 1   0

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