How to get Ruin's and Refuge's adamantine ingot fast?

  1. I want to MLB my realized weapon and armor, and I need these to upgrade them. What I know is, finding this adamantine ingot is hard. Somebody please help!

    User Info: Iammethe24

    Iammethe24 - 1 year ago

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  1. Complete events, world of illusions, some lost chapters and campaign act ii and higher, abyss and finally dimensions end, do hunts daily but get ex tokens instead, keeping up with events is hard enough, always work towards de entropy and permanent content,

    when running low on resources then if you can afford it, complete limited time events, some see this as a p2w trap, to make content solely based on having to spend all your gems just to get very few rewards for the investment,

    lost chapters nuggets and ingots and farming woi for at gems and tickets 1 characterx3 at a time is 30 tickets, 50 armor tokens, and 3000 diamonds, every lost chapters gets half an ingot and plenty of diamonds

    User Info: luckysnipr

    luckysnipr - 4 months ago 1   0


  1. By and large the only source you are going to be able to reliably get them from is Chaos content or from the later Dimension's End stages (some of which is only Cosmos). There is also currently a Raid going on that grants some if you Clear/Complete its Cosmos stage. While a terrible idea you can spend 50k Gems on a banner to get a weapon book and Realize a weapon for its ingot.

    User Info: ellis123

    ellis123 (Expert) - 1 year ago 2   6

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