Can I limit break my armor with power stones?

  1. So, I was trying to limit break Ultimecia's Necklace (I forgot the name). I wonder why does after I select the armor to enhance, I can see only two tabs, "Armor" and "Orbs"
    While when enhancing weapons I can see a tab called "Limit Break" to use power stones. Do I have to use another copy of that armor to limit break it? That is insane.

    User Info: Iammethe24

    Iammethe24 - 6 days ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Armor can only be limit broken with another copy of the same armor. It's easier for event characters since you get 2 copies for free. Then you need 90 Armor Tokens (10 for 2 more 35 cp armor, 80 for 4 90 cp armors). Then if you have a blue Book of Destruction, you can realize the 90 cp armor after it is fully limit broken and leveled. You will get a blue Ingot, which you need 3 to MLB a realized + Armor.

    User Info: MajinCal

    MajinCal - 6 days ago 1   0

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