Build what team around Rinoa?

  1. As a new player who started with and almost maxed out Rinoa, I’m lost at who to build around her. Sad that I just missed the Lenna banner.

    I can’t get any 100 EX levels complete, can’t defeat Ifrit 100.

    I did get lucky with Sephiroth EX, Cloud Ex and Jecht EX weapons on 100 tickets or so. But I don’t have the resources to build them yet. I do have Lillisette just about usable at 60/60 without any limit breaks on 35CP.

    Should I invest in any of the said characters further (ie sell weapons of those characters I don’t plan build) and invest some crystals for their 35CP weapon so I can build them out?

    Or should I wait for upcoming banners like Vayne who is probably worth the hype?!

    Thanks so much guys!

    User Info: RemakeFFVII2020

    RemakeFFVII2020 - 1 month ago


  1. Don't ever sell weapons that you haven't MLB'd even if you're wanting to get a single character maxed out fast. You would regret it heavily in the long run.

    And your team should be Rinoa, Seph/Jecht, and Cloud. Jecht does more damage than Seph but Seph's far better team synergy is far more relevant.

    For future units the next big one to look at will be Serah. You lack a support and she is the best one for a while. That said if she doesn't either get a rework or her unique artifact passives she'll be pretty bleh in the long run so keep that in mind. Past that it's Vayne -> Cosmos era where you will largely want to look at where your team isn't hold up and grab what fixes that. WoL is a good example there as you have no tank and that will start being far more valuable during the Cosmos and Chaos eras.

    User Info: ellis123

    ellis123 (Expert) - 1 month ago 1   0
  2. Shouldn't be a healer taken in, because of Rhinoas self damage?

    User Info: Sissi-dissidia

    Sissi-dissidia - 1 month ago 1   0

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