Should I invest into jecht?

  1. I have his 15 and 35. I also have alot of red crystals and power stones. I have a Noctis, Beatrix, WoL, selphie, and squall maxed out (including ex weapons and passives) should I invest into him. This should be a yes or no question only. Thx

    User Info: JMONEYjr_900069

    JMONEYjr_900069 - 5 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Saying that it's a yes or no question really doesn't turn this into one. In terms of "Will I need Jecht based on who I have?" you really don't need Jecht for much of the later content. Inversely in terms of him helping you out with content he is definitely worth looking into. Beatrix and Selphie are good, but Noctis, WoL, and Squall are a bit situational nowadays (if not actually kind've weak in Noctis' case) and a case could be made for Beatrix not always being someone you can bring to the frey (though, really, there aren't a lot of electric resistant bosses so that's a bit moot). In that line having a third solid character would be a great idea and there aren't going to be any good red crystal users for a while (It should be something like Barret -> Vanille -> Freya -> Kuja -> Seifer) so it's pretty safe to just toss them into him on a whim.

    User Info: ellis123

    ellis123 (Expert) - 5 months ago 2   1

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