Should I try to get WoL's ex?

  1. Since chapter 2 part 1 comes out soon, WoL will get his EX weapon. He will be a boosted character for the event and since his ex weapon is pretty good, I don't know if I should invest into him or not. WoL's ex heals the team so that is pretty good. I have a MLB selphie too that could heal alot. I don't know if I would call WoL a support character or not. I have a MLB 15cp for will and his 35 too. So in summary I have two questions. 1.) Should I try to get WoL's ex? 2.) Is he a support character or is he not. (Because I don't know if i could have selphie and WoL on the same team.)

    User Info: JMONEYjr_900069

    JMONEYjr_900069 - 4 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I would definitely recommend pulling on the banner for the sake of Cait, but not really for WoL's EX specifically. In a general sense people are gushing about it because WoL becomes god-tier at 70 with his rework, but before then even if you get his EX he'll end up in a similar place as Y'Shtola in that he'll be pretty solid but not actually used in any content whatsoever. Much like with Y'Shtola he will be exceptional at carrying weaker members (and by proxy can basically force multiplayer stuffs to succeed) but he just will not be good enough at getting score to really use him in the difficult stuffs.

    And he's a dps tank. His base kit is great at mitigating damage (which was what tanks did prior to WoW) and forcing your allies to get ignored (which was what tanks did post-WoW). His EX, however, gives him a substantial boost to his overall damage output well beyond what he gets from Extension (which gives him some bonus HP attacks into his skills).

    User Info: ellis123

    ellis123 (Expert) - 4 months ago 1   0

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