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  1. So selphie is coming out in 5 days and I need suggestions. Should I try to invest into her? I know squall ex is coming out too. I'm just asking because I already have Noctis maxed (and his ex) and rem maxed out too. I also want to try to get squall ex too. If I get his ex and not selphie, should I keep trying to pull? BTW I have 86,000 gems. I'm just asking because rem is an amazing support so I don't know who to choose.

    User Info: JMONEYjr_900069

    JMONEYjr_900069 - 6 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You are taking the "support" concept a little bit too narrowly. Rem and Selphie only do the same sort of things in a generic sense, but the more you look at the two the less sense it makes to just say "I have this one so the other will never be relevant." The two are different enough that there's plenty of call for using one over the other on a content basis.

    That said unless you get exceedingly lucky with Squall's EX I would expect to have everything for Selphie by the time that you get it (if you do at all). And if you don't get Selphie's stuff I would definitely recommend grabbing her. Her unique buffs are all exceedingly powerful and her overall ability to pump out both BRV and HP to your team is definitely better than Rem's. While you might choose Rem against specific fights Selphie definitely would be the one that you'd use against any standard encounter.

    User Info: ellis123

    ellis123 (Expert) - 6 months ago 0   0

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