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  1. Okay, so since MAYBE Noctis is coming out on the 29th, I need help deciding if I should get his ex weapon or not. I have 90 tickets and 60,000 gems. Should I try to just get his 35cp or should I go and spend all my gems to try to get his ex. I also want to try to get selphie's 35cp when it comes out to because if you just have her 15cp then she is useless. And I'm not willing to pay real money for this. Thx

    User Info: JMONEYjr_900069

    JMONEYjr_900069 - 6 months ago
  2. But I DEFINITELY want Noctis ex and weapons. I'm fine if I don't get selphie's 35cp, I just won't use her. I just need your guys opinions.

    User Info: JMONEYjr_900069

    JMONEYjr_900069 - 6 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Noctis is an all or nothing unit. You need all three of his passives active in order for him to be particularly interesting. Because of that "just" going for his 35CP is utterly pointless as you need his EX as well (you get a free 15 and could use Power Stones to get that passive, so it doesn't count as far as what we're talking about). And seeing as you want to get Selphie's stuff then it's pretty clear that you have to skip him entirely if you really want to go about in an optimal fashion.

    User Info: ellis123

    ellis123 (Expert) - 6 months ago 1   1

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