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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 07/07/07 Absolute Steve Final 1947K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) HTML 04/23/17 bover_87 1.32 778K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 07/15/07 A I e x Final 415K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 07/07/07 Apathetic Aardvark Final 1069K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 05/16/04 Kao Megura 2.2 892K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 12/27/03 Arctic 1.6 491K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 01/25/04 BTB 1.1 1295K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 01/06/03 Dark Angel Final 257K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 01/23/01 DJellybean Last 432K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 08/21/03 DjSiXpAcK14 1.5 377K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) Exdeath 1.0 215K
FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 03/29/04 spmkillie 1.2 262K
Walkthrough (PS) 04/16/97 SIwata 1.06 202K

In-Depth FAQs

7777 FAQ (PS) 07/18/10 baxterjn 1.04 178K
Aeris Disc 2-3 Guide (PS) 08/03/05 niai mitch 0.75 23K
Battle Arena FAQ (PS) 04/04/99 Crescent Lake 0.4 19K
Battle Mechanics FAQ (PS) 06/29/09 TFergusson 1.10 126K
Boss FAQ (PS) 07/03/04 Blackestmage 135K
Character Setup Guide (PS) 08/17/02 Atom Edge 5.1 131K
Chocobo Breeding Guide (PS) 02/24/11 gmo7897 2.0.0 213K
Chocobo Raising Guide (PC) 01/04/99 Ninja 1.1 22K
Command-Only Challenge FAQ (PS) 12/21/05 Acid Angel 13 1.50 79K
Don Corneo Mechanics Guide (PS) 09/11/03 Fantasy Gamer 0.8 54K
Enemy Mechanics FAQ (PS) 07/31/09 TFergusson 1.11 1023K
Enemy-Skill Challenge FAQ (PS) 09/01/07 Ovenman 2.3 91K
Enemy-Skill Challenge FAQ (PS) 01/04/07 Xenomic 60K
Enemy-Skill FAQ (PS) 08/30/04 Apathetic Aardvark Moogle 56K
Fort Condor FAQ (PS) 03/02/12 Master Epyon 3.0 19K
Gold Saucer Date Guide (PS) 12/09/09 TFergusson 1.21 26K
Gold Saucer FAQ (PS) 11/18/07 Absolute Steve Gold 96K
IENANENPANLBCMO Challenge FAQ (PS) 05/23/06 Paltheos 1.1 93K
Initial Equip Challenge FAQ (PS) 09/21/08 Roughdawg4 Final? 47K
Item/Materia Locations FAQ (PS) 11/19/08 Xenomic 3 518K
LLNIIENACMO Challenge FAQ (PS) 03/19/14 Thundaka 1.50 191K
LLNMIENA FAQ (PS) 06/21/07 GarlandG 1.5 205K
Limit Break Mechanics Guide (PS) 01/04/20 GideonD 3.1 49K
Low Level Challenge FAQ (PS) 01/03/03 Edman 0.7 93K
Low Level Challenge FAQ (PS) 04/12/07 GarlandG 3.0 165K
Low Level Challenge FAQ (PS) 07/13/04 KADFC 1.6 260K
Low Level Challenge FAQ (PS) 11/19/05 Thundaka 1.10 154K
Magic-Only Challenge FAQ (PS) 02/07/06 Acid Angel 13 1.00 70K
Materia Setups and Combos (PS) SBishop 1.2 15K
Materia-Only Challenge FAQ (PS) 01/04/07 Xenomic 42K
Materia/Weapon Guide (PS) 05/31/99 Skultera 3 17K
Miss-able Items FAQ (PS) 12/26/08 mira 2.1 34K
Monster/Item/Weapon Lists (PS) 04/07/01 DC 1.11 523K
Monster/Treasure Chart (PS) SAxeswinger 1.4 24K
Music Guide (PS) 03/16/03 Thorf 0.7 19K
No Materia/No Items FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 03/01/06 Thundaka 2.02 115K
No-Materia Guide (PS) 10/20/02 Maxx_Power 29K
Party Mechanics Guide (PS) 06/29/09 TFergusson 1.10 223K
Perfect Game FAQ (PS) 06/02/04 JungleJim 1.3 47K
Plot Analysis (PS) 02/27/04 falsehead 2.1 191K
SCIENMNANE Challenge FAQ (PS) 01/04/07 Xenomic 48K
SCNIIENANE Challenge FAQ (PS) 01/04/07 Xenomic 69K
Single Character Challenge Guide (PS) 04/06/04 Pyroe 1.0 39K
Solo Character Initial Equipment No Materia Challenge Guide (PS) 10/29/03 Fantasy Gamer 1.0 80K
Solo Lowest Level Character Challenge (PS) 03/08/06 lolo262626 1.0 193K
Speed Run FAQ/Walkthrough (PS) 03/26/10 GarlandG 3.3 260K
Stat Maxing Guide (PS) 09/03/04 Mike Truitt 1.09 70K
Training/Random Encounter FAQ (PS) 08/04/04 MGSB 1.2 329K
Trophy Guide (PS4) HTML 12/17/15 KeyBlade999 v1.10 80K
Ultimania Omega Translations (PS) 06/13/06 Ryu_Kaze 9.00 121K
Weapon Guide (PS) JHaglund 1.1 6K

Secrets FAQs

Maps and Charts

Bone Village Treasure Map (PS) 7/9/09 Absolute Steve 1.001 148K
Chocobo Quality Map (PS) 10/1/04 FFJ Final 42K
Enemy Skill Map (PS) 12/17/09 jekoln 66K
Great Glacier - Ice Lake Map (PS) 11/6/06 Crazyreyn 14K
Great Glacier Map (PS) 12/17/09 jekoln 92K
Shinra Building Floor 63 Map (PS) 5/18/20 Crazyreyn 2.0 56K
Temple of the Ancients Gate Room Solution (PS) 11/5/18 Eevee-Trainer 58K
Temple of the Ancients Map (PS) 4/12/10 oblivion from aoc 1.0 99K
World Map (PS) 10/1/04 FFJ Final 43K

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