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  1. Here's my predicament: I really want to link a FB account to Miitomo to get 100 silver coins on My Nintendo. However, I don't want any of my actual friends on FB to see that I play Miitomo, so I made a fake account just to link to Miitomo. However, since you can't switch accounts on the FB app, and my FB app is already linked to my real account, I can only use my fake account on the chrome app. However, when I select to link to a FB account in Miitomo, it automatically takes me to the FB app, thus only giving me the option to link to my real account, which I really don't want. Is there any way to go to the chrome app when linking an account? Or is there any way to link a Facebook account to Miitomo from facebook?

    User Info: HylianHobbit

    HylianHobbit - 2 years ago

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