Can i delete unit after accidently enhance them? or Is there a method to reset the unit level and stat?

  1. I accidently upgrade 2 cloud unit to max level at 6 star and now I can't use them to be neo material. Can I get rid of them or use them as material?

    User Info: Dumbdd

    Dumbdd - 2 months ago


  1. There's no reason why any 5*, 6*, or 7* Cloud can't be converted into fragments, unless of course you've neglected to unlock them. Leveling them up or using pots on them doesn't make any difference.

    Also, why would you just get rid of them?

    User Info: Chrono222Nomad

    Chrono222Nomad - 2 months ago 0   0
  2. well my cloud still need 50% for the unique trust to unlock Neo Vision. I tried unlocking but the mentioned 2 cloud can not be use as enhance material or Ex awakening. I can not choose them even after unlocking them.

    Also I just want 1 unit per character.

    User Info: Dumbdd

    Dumbdd - 2 months ago
  3. Yeah, you should be able to just fuse one of your 6* Clouds to get the other 50% for the STMR. If you made them 7* it would be 100%, so just save one for the fragments.

    If you're on the "Standard" tab for fusion materials, any duplicate units of the one you're fusing with should be first in the list. They would also come up with the "All" tab, but not in "Fusion/Sale Units."

    I hesitate to even bring it up, but is it possible that you're trying to fuse different versions of Cloud? I mean, there are only like four different versions of him in the game. lol

    User Info: Chrono222Nomad

    Chrono222Nomad - 2 months ago

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