Can you guys help me decide a tank?

  1. I already have fully enhanced sieghard, but i kinda like cg WoL, and already have his 6* unit from daily pull, so should i try using my UoC on him or wait for cg Cecil?

    User Info: Azie1717

    Azie1717 - 2 weeks ago


  1. Cecil was my first great tank (over a year ago when 6* was the max). There have been several tanks to surpass him since then and Sieghard is way better. He can also awaken to a 7*.

    User Info: Grahf22

    Grahf22 - 2 weeks ago 0   1
  2. Well if you already have eSieghard you can skip AWoL keep in mind CG Cecil is a magic tank and AWoL is physical.

    Sieghard can do both but his magic cover is on a CD if you ever get dispelled or died your probably going to lose.

    User Info: nezzard

    nezzard - 2 weeks ago 0   1
  3. I forgot to mention i have 6* ss charlote and beryl with Stmr for magic cover, should i still wait for cg cecil?
    Thx for your answer

    User Info: Azie1717

    Azie1717 - 2 weeks ago

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