How do i fight Maw of Malice?

  1. I found a good method for beating Essence of Despair, but i was looking for tips on Maw of Malice so i can get the summon tix.

    User Info: gamerguy548

    gamerguy548 - 3 weeks ago

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  1. 4 turn guide no item all mission.

    Turn 1 : Chain: Xon & Rain
    Lenna -> Doube : Mystical telluric water/Dance of Glimmering
    Summer -> Double : Lovely water/ Summer Sun
    Lucas -> Double : Ethereal Core/Elemental Cover
    Xon -> Catch me if you can : Thief in the night/Lethal Virus/Lethal Virus
    Rain -> Triple: Complete Awakening/ Spark saber/ Granshetl Saber

    Turn 2 :
    Rain -> Triple: Soul blood / Energy wall rise/Extra saber
    Fid -> Double : Ultimate Siesta/Water fight
    Xon -> Reflector :Elemental mirror (Rain) / Critical Mirror (Lucas)/Projected Mirror (cast this after Rain and Fid done casting)
    Lucas -> Mythical Sanctuary
    Lenna -> Pure Healing

    Note: this turn will be RNG affected, sometimes Maw cast bunch of resistances.
    Turn 3 : 1 (Chain) Fid / Lenna /Xon / Rain
    Fid -> Water splash
    Lenna -> Water splash
    Xon -> LB
    Rain -> LB
    Lucas -> LB
    if his Resistance is up you can use Xon's Magnus and let the other 3 chains, but need real good timing. or if it's a bother just quit the battle and try again until RNG in your favor., it's only 5 energy cost anyway.

    Turn 4 : 1 Lucas / 2 Summer / 3 Lenna / 4 (Chain) Xon & Rain
    Lucas -> Guardian Ice (Xon), can be doubled with surveillance if you're a completionist on analyzing enemies.
    Fid-> LB
    Lenna -> Genuine
    Xon -> LB
    Rain -> LB

    User Info: Ricemills

    Ricemills - 3 weeks ago 1   0
  2. if on 4th Turn Xon/Rain's LB not full, just triple chain Granshelt Saber+Deadly Virus. should be enough to kill it.

    User Info: Ricemills

    Ricemills - 3 weeks ago
  3. Right on, I'm gonna try it. Fingers crossed too: the 10+1 from EoD gave me garbage but i was able to get another 50% moogle

    User Info: gamerguy548

    gamerguy548 - 3 weeks ago
  4. I followed your guide, but the SOB drained everyone's MP on t3 before i could chain Xon and Rain. I thought it only used that after the HP threshold like EoD, but that's the problem: i thought. However, i pulled thru and only missed the element mission so thank you for your tips

    User Info: gamerguy548

    gamerguy548 - 3 weeks ago
  5. Thx for the guide man, really helpfull, beat it on the first try

    User Info: Azie1717

    Azie1717 - 6 days ago

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