Can you use a unit prisim to unlock a Super Trust Master reward?

  1. Ok, to be honest my first go of this game was very lack-luster and I dropped it pretty quick. A twist of fate and a bit of boredom after spending 50 summon tickets and 5000 gems and getting nothing in Opera Omina led me to poke my head in FFBE and see what was up. Low and behold I stumbled into the Xenogears event, a game that I was sure SE had forgotten about. I dove in and was able to claw my way through the step summon (with as little money spent as I could muster) and even went from practically nothing to wrecking G Elements on Pro (understandably not THAT huge of an achievement but it was for me). Hot damn if I wasent also able to get Fei and Bart up to 7*, I was positively giddy..... till I came to realize that while I relaxed on farming lapis I was missing the most clearest opportunity to unlock their STMR...

    TLDL questions in the title Im pinning my hopes that I didnt just blow my only chance at maxxing out the units I dove back into this game for. Help?

    User Info: Barghast1210

    Barghast1210 - 2 years ago


  1. Unit Prisms only unlock the ability to do a 7* from a 6*. So if you pulled three Fei, for example, if you waited until his Prism was in the mog store (which should happen in about 7-8 months) you could take your original Fei and fuse it with the prism and then fuse your other two, real Fei's and fuse them into your now 7* Fei to get his STMR. Similarly you can make your 7* like normal but save the other Fei without fusing it into your 7*. Then when the Prism comes around again you make that Fei a 7* as well and then fuse it into your original 7* Fei.

    Even if you only got a single 7*, however, there is still the technical possibility to get their STMR. Though it's a pretty bad idea there is an STMR Moogle that was given out in the future that will max out a unit's STMR. You can use that to obtain an STMR of your choice even if you don't have any other way to get 100% on the unit.

    User Info: ellis123

    ellis123 (Expert) - 2 years ago 0   0
  2. I was afraid you were gonna say that... now its a waiting game

    User Info: Barghast1210

    Barghast1210 - 2 years ago

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