Pokemon GO (Android)

Why are there no potions/revives anymore?

  1. i have 27 fainted pokemon from months of raiding/gym battles/team rocket fights and i NEVER get any potions, revives or anything else. I spin stops, gyms and raids and i might get one super potion every 20 spins. Im level 31 and i think ill just delete my account since i cant even buy potions from the store
    Marston989 - 1 year ago - report
  2. Wait, you can't buy Potions/Revives?! How? Just spin Pokestops. I have lots of revives I never use due to that. and.. YOU ACTUALLY FIND GYMS/GRUNTS?! Lucky.. I've only ever saw two Gyms far from where I stay.. 00 Grunts..
    Pokemon_Expert - 1 year ago - report

Top Voted Answer

  1. The game has been notoriously stingy with those, unfortunately. Spinning gyms is the best way to get them, especially if the gym is not your color, at least in my experience. The Daily Free Gift they're starting to give out to players tends to have regular Potions in it. Defeating low level raids almost exclusively gives Revives and Super Potions. I believe I get a decent amount of revives and potions from opening lots of gifts from friends, too, though I myself am drowning in Max Revives and Max Potions anyway.
    SmokeRulz - 1 year ago - report
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  1. Add a lot of friends, gifts usually have potions on revives.
    iheartparris - 1 year ago - report
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