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Does riding a bike still hatch eggs?

  1. I've planned to go on a bike ride to get some poke points but I want to know if riding a bike will still hatch my eggs?
    jacklux29 - 5 years ago - report

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes it works quite well. I have a mount on the handlebars of my bicycle and use it while I ride around the neighborhood with great results
    TheMickey - 5 years ago - report
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Top Voted Answer

  1. From what I have heard, as long as you are going 15 mph or less it counts, anything over 15 mph it won't register, I need to test it out myself.
    Teteratai - 5 years ago - report
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Other Answers

  1. The game does not change the rate of hatching based on your speed. Riding a bike will not, in and of itself, hatch an egg faster. However, riding your bike will allow you to "walk" a farther distance in the same amount of time, which means that your eggs will reach their 2/5/10km hatching point faster and will hatch normally.

    Niantic made the game work for all forms of "pedestrian traffic" including walking, skating, boarding, and biking. For best results, attempt to keep your travel speed as close to 15mph without going over as you can. This number is affected by your phone's network speeds, however. If you notice that the game is "glitching out" and you're losing connectivity, slower speeds often solve this.

    Deathtoll's suggestion to track an incubated egg is the proper way to test your speed/network/area for effectiveness.
    boxfox13 - 5 years ago - report
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  2. In general, as long as you are below 35 mph, everything should function normally.
    MageODeath - 5 years ago - report
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  3. My magic speed seems to be around 15 mph also for hatching. I do laps around a cemetery full of pokestops to stock up and hatch eggs. I've caught pokemon doing 60 mph once, but it's usually difficult over 35 mph due to network speeds updating your phone fast enough. I think the reason some see progress around 35 mph is the stop and go at lights etc, slowing them down enough to make it count
    cos702003 - 5 years ago - report
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  4. The speed you go at counts a lot. While at the car, usually the kilometres I cover won't count if I'm going too fast. A friend of mine always plays Pokemon Go while riding his bike and has hatched several eggs. So, go at middle speed with your bike, keep that pace, and it will come to hatch eventually.
    JOSGABRIEL - 5 years ago - report
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  5. When i just walk it counts the distance perfectly, by bike it doesnt count all of it like 80% of the time...
    Flamixx - 5 years ago - report
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  6. Riding a bike does work, but on my phone at least, the game loses GPS signal if I'm on my bike but not while walking. It's really frustrating.
    MysticHobo - 5 years ago - report
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  7. I've had eggs hatch while driving my car at low speeds. I would think a bike should be no different, especially considering a bike's max speed is probably not as fast as even lightly tapping the accelerator of a car.

    One way you can check to see if your eggs will hatch is to put an egg in the incubator, rise around on your bike at a comfortable speed, and see if the total kms has increased.
    Deathtoll - 5 years ago - report
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  8. They say don't go too fast but I just did a 6 Mile ride at 8 mph (deliberately slow) and it didn't count any of the mileage. I've had better luck leaving it in the passenger seat of my car while I drive out of a parking garage
    Myft - 5 years ago - report
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  9. Riding a bike works just fine. I have been able to go 20 MPH in my car and worked towards hatching egg. It seems to work around 30 MPH also, but it is not nearly as effective as 20 MPH.
    Malystryx - 5 years ago - report
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  10. Short answer, yes, so long as the app is open. Don't expect a 1:1 ratio between actual distance and tracked distance though!
    Tanuki_cana - 5 years ago - report
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  11. No idea
    brad12 - 5 years ago - report
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  12. Pokemon go goes viral every where.
    hellzpwince - 5 years ago - report
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