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FAQ/Walkthrough by GuideVault

Version: 8.1 | Updated: 05/06/16

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VersionDateChange Log
8.16th of May, 2016

Added Events

Also added Table of Content to Events and Four-Star Dragon Ball to Awakening Medals.

8.05th of May, 2016

Added Events

Updated Event

7.531th of April, 2016

Added Events

7.419th of April, 2016

Updated Information

7.04th of April, 2016

Added Event/Updated/Map

6.529th of March, 2016

Added Event, Maps

Expanded Awakening

Restructured Events tables to make it easier to follow
Updated Support Item List to include Whis

6.1123nd of March, 2016

Added Events, Maps

Expanded Section

6.021st of March, 2016

Added Events


  • Corrected tables to reflect the proper types & rarities
  • Spelling & grammar

Updated information for Training in the Clouds, The Masked Martial Artist.
Updated Baba's Shop
Added tables in Awaken showing quantity & rarity of medals required
Added more information across the walkthrough
Added more images to Lists & References

5.118th of March, 2016


Added Summon Event

  • Summoning Event: Plus... PHY Characters Summon Rates Increased

Updated Baba's Shop
Removed Quest & added it into Walkthrough

5.0116th of March, 2016


Added Sections

4.716th of March, 2016

Maps/Images Added


  • Added Missing Values & Text
4.515th of March, 2016

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Updated/Added Sections

4.0114th of March, 2016


Changes & Expansions

  • Trade Pts: Added Tables, Changed Tables & Expanded to Better Reflect Purchases

Revised certain sections

3.6113th of March, 2016

Added Sections

Added & Expanded Section

Added Events

Corrected grammatical & spelling mistakes.
Updated tables across the walkthrough.
Added more information across the Team Menu

1.4411th of March, 2016


  • Prelude: World Tournament Reborn

Updated Section

  • Summon Menu: Added Hercule Statue in Friend Summon Table.

Added Events

Updated Link Skill

Expanded Sections

Corrected grammatical & spelling mistakes.

1.011th of March, 2016Initial Release


Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle is a free to play game with in-app purchases of currency called Dragon Stones.

Based on the incredibly popular Dragon Ball series this game incorporates most characters no matter how small (except for Puar) as use able members of your team. Characters that have appeared from the original Dragon Ball to the end of Dragon Ball Z have appeared in this game. Even GT characters have made an appearance in certain summoning events, although quite limited in the selection.

The point of this game is to collect new warriors to add to your team, training them to the point of Z-Awakening and/or Dokkan Awakening which essentially mean to push them past their limits.

It also features regular events which recur regularly so if you miss an event & the character drops from there then have no worries as it will most likely reappear within a month.

This walkthrough was created on Firefox and it came out looking great. On Chrome though, the pictures for Battle of Awakening Medals are smaller than they should be, it could be my browser, but if not then use Firefox, if you want to see the map the way I meant for it to be seen.

This walkthrough is written for the Global version of Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle [AND].

Typically the only differences between versions are language, events & characters available which I may expand into this walkthrough when I complete it & have more time..

If any errors exist in this walkthrough please feel free to email me at: ryanvelasco@protonmail.ch - please mention the section & detail the error in the body of the email with a screenshot if applicable (screenshot is needed to validate your claim).
Also, remember that all values are given for Z-Awakened, URs & Maxed level characters.

If you don't want to email, go ahead, and PM me here on Gamefaqs; I'll try to reply quickly.

[2016-05-02] My apologies for the very, very long gap between ver. 7.4 - 7.5. Recently, we've adopted a baby and it has taken a heck of a lot of work, and since babie's do generally have priority over all others, I had to stop doing my work here. But now he's 3 months and doesn't require too much work, so I can continually work on the walkthrough, albeit, not able to update as quickly as I want.

Home Screen

When you first begin you will only have 15 character slots available which can be expanded in the character slots in the Shop by spending 1 Dragon Stone.


Just as he grants wishes in the series so too will he grant your wishes here. Although you are restricted by the choices, so I guess he's not all powerful here.

When you first enter into the main menu you will see a Dragon Ball above the friend icon, tap it to enter the Shenron Screen. From here you can view what Dragon Balls you have gathered up from Quest and as a tip, tap on any gray slot & you will be shown where to find that particular one. It is handy, but if you proceed through Quest you will never miss a single ball, unless you skip it of course.

This image above is what is shown when all Dragon Balls have been found; Shenron will glow yellow & await your call for his summoning.
I recommend summoning him as soon as you have all 7 as the next set of Dragon Balls come usually in the next area of where you found your 7th Dragon Ball.
When he is summoned he will grant you first set of four wishes.

First Set of Wishes
WishDescriptionWhat You Receive
I want more allies!Increase character inventory space by 10 and Dragon Stones x1010 extra character slots, 10 Dragon Stones (found in gifts)
I want a bunch of items!Receive the following 19 Training Locations and 95 Support Items

Training Locations

  1. Supreme Kai's Planet x1
  2. King Kai's Planet (10G) x1
  3. Snake Way x3
  4. Kami's Lookout x5
  5. Korin's Tower x10

Support Items

  1. Videl (STR, PHY, INT, TEQ, AGL) x5 each type
  2. World Tournament Announcer (STR, PHY, INT, TEQ, AGL) x5 each type
  3. Oolong (TEQ, AGL) x5 each type
  4. Puar (STR, PHY, INT) x5 each type
  5. Cargo x5
  6. Recovery, Super & Ultra -Recovery Drink x5 each drink
I want a stronger team!

Increase team cost by 10 and get the following 30 Awakening Medals

Awakening Medals

  1. Awakening Medal: Kami
  2. Awakening Medal: Grand Elder Guru
  3. Awakening Medal: Babidi
  4. Awakening Medal: Bibidi
  5. Awakening Medal: Korin
  6. Awakening Medal: Kibito
  7. Awakening Medal: West Kai
  8. Awakening Medal: South Kai
  9. Awakening Medal: East Kai
  10. Awakening Medal: North Kai
I want help in battle!Expand quest inventory and allows 2 copies of each Support Item to be brought on missionsYou are now allowed to take 4 items into battle; you can bring a set of 2 items instead of the regular 1 into battle

After you use these wishes they will be gone forever, but you will get new set of wishes to choose from, although, not as good as the first set of wishes.

Second Set of Wishes
WishDescriptionWhat You Receive
I want to have more allies!Increase character inventory space by 10 and Dragon Stones x1010 extra character slots, 10 Dragon Stones (found in gifts)
I want to make a PHY character stronger!You will receive awakening medals and z-swords for this type

Awakening Medal

  1. Gregory x10
  2. Dr. Gero x10
  3. Mutaito x10
  4. Grand Elder Guru x5
  5. East Kai x1
  6. Z-Sword (PHY) x7
I want to make a STR character stronger!You will receive awakening medals and z-swords for this type

Awakening Medal

  1. Gregory x10
  2. Dr. Gero x10
  3. Master Roshi x10
  4. Bibidi x5
  5. South Kai x1
  6. Z-Sword (STR) x7
I want to make a INT character stronger!You will receive awakening medals and z-swords for this type

Awakening Medal

  1. Gregory x10
  2. Dr. Gero x10
  3. Master Shen x10
  4. Kami x5
  5. West Kai x1
  6. Z-Sword (INT) x7
I want to make a TEQ character stronger!You will receive awakening medals and z-swords for this type

Awakening Medal

  1. Gregory x10
  2. Dr. Gero x10
  3. Mr. Popo x10
  4. Babidi x5
  5. North Kai x1
  6. Z-Sword (TEQ) x7
I want to make a AGL character stronger!You will receive awakening medals and z-swords for this type

Awakening Medal

  1. Gregory x10
  2. Dr. Gero x10
  3. Grandpa Gohan x10
  4. Korin x5
  5. Kibito x1
  6. Z-Sword (AGL) x7

Once you use up your second set of wishes the Dragon Balls will be unattainable until such time as the Bandai Namco expands Quest Mode.


This is where you changing your team is possible.

When you enter this section you will be brought to the team screen where you can view up to 6 of your teams. At the bottom right section will be the 'Change All' button which I recommend always doing if changing 2 or more characters at a time.

To change your team simply click on a character portrait (Z-icon if slot is unused) which brings you to the selection screen & from there select a new character and a new screen appears showing you the stat differences, this is important when creating a team as giving yourself extra ATK/DEF will speed up battles & promote your own survivability.

If you have a slot unused, in battle there will be [N] Saibaman in that empty slot.

Another thing to take note of is the 'Team Limit' shown at the top right of your screen. Each character has a team cost which can be viewed by either tapping them or long-pressing them, which brings up the character sheet. This can only be increased with 'Rank Ups' (level up) & is very important as eventually you'll begin to awaken SSRs into URs which have a high team point cost.

The maximum team limit as of right now is 535, but if the developers decide to increase the rank cap then it may rise, although I can't see a reason why, as long before then, you can fill your 6-team with all URs.


This is where selling your characters can take place.

Selling a character is both good & bad depending on what your selling.

Pro's: Hercule Statues sell for 125,000 zeni to 500,000 zeni.

Con's: Most character cards you may want to sell as is the case with [N] & [R] sell for so little you may as well use them for training.

SR, SSR & URs should NEVER be sold!


This is where you can strengthen your characters.

Training your characters to MAX level is what this game is about. Without the training don't count on getting any drops from Strike or Dokkan events.

Entering the training screen you must select which character is non-MAX & select it. From there you will come to the next screen. Up to 5 characters & training items can be consumed (non-recoverable), as well as training locations. These assist with giving you extra experience outside of battle to quicken the leveling process.

When using characters & training items make sure they are of the same type that you are training as you get more experience than if you were not, plus this saves you items in the long run as you will be using less for more (refer to the training item section for the values).

Each time you train your character you must have the required amount of zeni which is shown at the bottom of the screen. The requirement increases with character/training item rarity used.

Do not forget about training locations as once you get Supreme Kai's Planet and/or Gravity Chamber (150G) you will gain an extra 50,000 exp (per character) & x2.0 [exp] Success Guaranteed (per characters & training items) respectively.

The amount of experience you earn from this training session is shown at the bottom next to Zeni Req.


This is where you can further strengthen your characters by Z-Awakening, Dokkan Awakening & Transcended Dokkan Awakening.


In this section you begin the same as in training & once you select your character you enter the next menu.

Each rarity has a certain number of medals that they will always need:

Rarity (Character)CommonQuantityRare (Bronze)QuantitySuper Rare (Silver)QuantityUltra Rare (Gold Capsule)QuantitySupreme (Gold Capsule)Quantity

*This chart is specifically for characters that are non-event obtainable as those characters require character-specific medals to awaken*
*Another note is that because UR characters can only be transcended they will not be in this chart*

As well as the number of medals each type has a different Rare, S. Rare & U. Rare medal that they require & they are as folows:

TypeRare (Bronze)Super Rare (Silver)Ultra Rare (Gold Capsule)
TEQMr. PopoBabidiNorth Kai
INTMaster ShenKamiWest Kai
PHYMutaitoGrand Elder GuruEast Kai
STRMaster RoshiBibidiSouth Kai
AGLGrandpa GohanKorinKibito

If you are ever awakening characters (non-event) the most efficient way to acquire specific types is to wait for the event Battle for Awakening Medals.
The reason I have not listed supreme medals is because all characters that are going to be Z-Awaken require only one supreme medal, independent of type.

Dokkan Awakening

There are some medals required that can only be obtained by doing quests. They are normally for the characters you can obtain in the same event, and since the events are limited so is the chance to obtain the medals; if you miss them, then you will have to wait until the event begins again or until they appear in Baba's Shop.

Dokkan Awakening is a form of awakening that causes your character to evolve into a stronger version of themselves (usually somewhere further down the DBZ storyline) provided they are Z-Awakened.

For example: lets take the case of... [SR] Gohan (Adult) Rocky Road to Peace being Dokkan Awakened to [SSR] Great Saiyaman Hero of Love and Justice

All information here is presented as their base stats.Medals for D. AwakeningHPATKDEF
[SR] Gohan (Adult) Rocky Road to PeaceBulma
Majin Buu (Pure Evil)
[SSR] Great Saiyaman Hero of Love and JusticeN/A372530531683
This information is concerning Gohan only, when using it with other characters just note that only the medals required will be different.

In order to D. Awaken, first bring [SR] Gohan (Adult) Rocky Road to Peace to a Z-Awakened state which is done by using 5 regular medals. Once there you must then reach MAX level again (in this case 80), from there you can use your event medals to D. Awaken him into [SSR] Great Saiyaman Hero of Love and Justice. The great thing is that you don't lose the S-prefix while doing this.

A few notes.

  • Once you do so your level will be reduced to 1 & you'll have to Z-Awaken again to reach level 100, but don't worry as you'll only require regular medals to make this happen.
  • This is irreversible
    • Due to this I recommend not D. Awakening if you can farm Gohan (Adult) (in this case farming isn't a good option as he's a Rare Summon) which when used as fodder for the same character will increase his Super Attack Level by 1 (max 10). By doing this you save yourself a lot of zeni, training items & time than if you D. Awakened without thinking (I'm guilty of that).
      • In regards to Super Attack, if you level it up to 10 then D. Awaken the level will not reset to 1. This is important as the Super Attack will change from either Huge to Extreme, or Extreme to Catastrophic/Supreme (refer to my Super Attack section to learn what this means).
  • Some characters which can be futher awakened by a process called Transcended Dokkan Awakening.

Transcended Dokkan Awakening

There is a special method of awakening which is called Transcended Dokkan Awakening which began with Berserker of Destruction.

In essence, transcending (basically adding another set of medals) a D. Awakened character will allow you to break the level limit of 100, allowing you to reach level 120 & with the new stat improvements, leader/passive skills & improved Super Attack it will make that character invaluable to any team formation.

There are currently only three characters available for T.D. Awakening & I will use [SSR] Legendary Super Saiyan Broly The Roar of Death to explain the process of it.

All information here is presented as their base stats.Medals for T.Dokkan AwakeningHPATKDEF
[SSR] Legendary Super Saiyan Broly The Roar of DeathAwakening: Kakarot23412140954
[UR] Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Super Warrior of DestructionN/A376335721965

In order to T.D. Awaken, first bring [SSR] Legendary Super Saiyan Broly The Roar of Death to a Z-Awakened state which is done by using 5 regular medals. Once there you must then reach MAX level again (in this case 100), from there you can use your event medals to T.D. Awaken him into [UR] Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Super Warrior of Destruction. The great thing is that you don't lose the E- prefix while doing this.

A few notes about T.D. Awakening.

  • Your level cap is now 120
  • This is irreversible
    • Due to this I recommend not T.D. Awakening although you can if you want because this Broly is a rare summon. It's your choice & whether you want Super Attack Level 10 when you do T.D. Awaken.
  • Your Super Attacks will now hit the entire enemy team making 1-turn battles more likely to occur.
  • After T. Dokkan Awakening you don't need anymore medals to reach level 120.
  • Your skills will be the one of best in the game & as such will make every battle easier.

[03/27/2016] Currently, T.Dokkan Awakening is only available for [UR] Perfect Cell Flare of Death, [UR] Perfect Cell Ceaseless Terror & [SSR] Legendary Super Saiyan Broly The Roar of Death. Also, the two T. Dokkan Awakened Cells Super Attacks do not hit the entire enemy team.


This is where you can view your collection of obtainable items.

Once you enter this menu you will come across the sub-menus:

  1. Training Items
  2. Awakening Medals
  3. Support Items
  4. Other

Training Items will only show items you have obtained items at least once, so, if you seem to be missing any items make sure that you have found them yourself.

Awakening Medals contain as you would expect every medal you have acquired thus far. Again if you seem to be missing medals, then you have simply not found them yet.

Support Items contain all the items you have found thus far even those that are only obtainable from certain events will be shown here.

Other is where items that can not be classified under any of the above sub-menu will be stored. One example is DB Saga Summon Ticket, these can only be won during the World Tournament event.

Character List

As the name implies this is the character list where all characters you ever find & keep will be store.

Here you can view each individual character by long-pressing their portrait which brings up their character statistics which shows their HP, ATK, DEF, Super Attack Level, Leader Skill, Passive Skill & Link Skill.

As there are a limited amount of slots you must go to the shop then add char. slots to obtain more.

Dokkan Awaken

This is a relatively new addition to the Team Menu. As you enter you will be able to view characters that have the potential to be D. Awakened and/or T.D. Awakened into new characters , which adds decent stat boosts & a +20 to their level cap.

Tapping any of the characters here will bring up the description which shows the event of where the required medals can be obtained as well as the number required.

I will warn you that acquiring most of these medals are time-consuming and have a high cost (zeni) to perform the awakening, so, if you do decide to pursue them your team will be that much more powerful. A quick note is to check into Baba's shop as you can exchange Trade Pts. to buy character-specific medals which saves you from having to wait for the event to return (they sell 1 at a time).

Summon Menu

The first thing you will notice is the large poster in the middle of the screen. This is the summoning event which is available for a limited time & the friends summon which is a permanent event.
When it comes to the events they have a rotational order to them so if you miss an event you can be assured that they will eventually come back.
When new events emerge it will usually be tied to an Event, which more often than not requires you to have a character that is featured in the summoning event of the time in order to progress through it (Dokkan Events).

As for the the different types of summoning's, the normal summoning requires you to have at minimum 5 Dragon Stones in order to do a Single-Summon, which in my opinion isn't a good choice. There are different unverified ways of artificially creating good rolls which can be found across the net, but as they are unverified the risk is yours alone.

There are 2 different types of Event Summoning's:

Summon TypeDragon Stone CostDescription
Single-Summon5Has a chance to summon a SR character or higher
Multi-Summon50Guarantees a SR character or higher

Occasionally, events requiring only 30 Dragon Stones to Multi-Summon will appear & they will guarantee you a SR or SSR (event dependent) with the limit of 1 usage.

Another type of summoning is called Friend Summon.
It also has 2 different types of summoning's:

Summon TypeFriend Points NeededDescription
Single-Summon200Has a chance to summon a SR, 1 or more Z-Awakened character at Lv20 or Hercule Statue (Bronze/Silver/Gold)
Multi-Summon2000Has a chance to summon a SR, 1 or more Z-Awakened character at Lv20 or Hercule Statue (Bronze/Silver/Gold)

Summoning Events

I will only keep the summon events currently active to improve page loading.

New Friend Summon
Super Heroes VS Ultimate Villains
Super Saiyan Festival BONUS Summon
Summoning ListSummoning ListSummoning List
[SSR] Hercule Earth's Savior
[SR] Piccolo Burdened by Destiny
[SR] Trunks (Teen) From Hell and Back
[SR] Yamcha Heightened Intuition
[SR] Krillin Acclaimed Ability
[SSR] Hercule Statue (Gold) Worth 1 Million Zeni
[SR] Hercule Statue (Silver) Worth 500,000 Zeni
[R] Hercule Statue (Bronze) Worth 250,000 Zeni
[SSR] Super Saiyan God Goku Fist from the Heavens
[SSR] Super Saiyan Bardock A Fistful of Conviction
[SSR] Full Power Boujack Galactic Anniliation
[SSR] Fusion Android #13 Flouting Objectives
[SSR] Turles The Fearsome Tree of Might
[SSR] Metal Coora Immortal Grudge
[SSR] Super Saiyan 2 Goku Aiming for the Top
[SSR] Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta Overbearing Power
[SR] Boujack Galaxy's Most Evil
[SR] Coora Coldhearted Invasion
[SR] Great Saiyaman Hero of Justice Saves the Day
[SSR] Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Adult) Inherited Mission
[SSR] Super Saiyan 3 Goku The Power to Shake the Universe
[SSR] Super Vegeta Pure Confidence
[SSR] Super Trunks Swelling Power
[SSR] Super Saiyan Goten (Kid) Brother's Wish
[SSR] Super Saiyan Goku Triumphant Light
[SSR] Super Saiyan Gohan (Teen) Entrusted Mission
[SR] Super Saiyan Trunks (Teen) Talent from Dad
[SR] Super Saiyan Bardock A New Legend Begins
[SR] Super Saiyan Vegeta Last Minute Technique
[SR] Super Saiyan Gohan (GT) Proof of a Warrior
The Earth-Shaking Fusions
World Tournament Guaranteed SSRs
World Tournament Prizes DB Saga
Summoning ListSummoning ListSummoning List
[SSR] Gotenks Double the Power
[SSR] Vegito The Miracle of Potara
[SSR] Super Saiyan 2 Goku Aiming for the Top
[SSR] Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta Overbearing Power
[SSR] Majuub Merging Destinies
[SR] Mr. Buu Beyond Human Intellect
[SR] Majin Buu (Piccolo Absorbed) Captured Wisdom
[SSR] Super Saiyan 3 Goku The Power to Shake the Universe
[SSR] Super Saiyan 2 Gohan (Teen) Entrusted Mission
[SSR] Perfect Cell Terror Perfected
[SSR] Beerus Irreversible Judgement
[SSR] Whis Enigmatic Power
[SSR] Ultimate Gohan Power Awakened
[SSR] Buu (Kid) Origin of Despair
[SSR] Vegito Miracle of Potara
[SSR] Goku Great Brillance
[SSR] Super Saiyan Goku SS Vegeta Bearing Fury
[SSR] Golden Frieza Golden Emperor
[SSR] Goku (Kid) An Exciting Adventure
[SSR] Demon King Piccolo Full Power Desperation
[SSR] Demon King Piccolo (Elder) Terror Strikes Again
[SR] Bulma (Bunny) Stimulating Beauty
[SR] Launch Dual Personality
[R] Staff Officer Black Fulfilled Dreams
[R] Guilan Winged Beast


Once you open this menu you will be greeted with a menu for buying Dragons Stones which can be purchased with real life currency.

# of Dragon StonesCost

There will also be 3 square tabs which you can select: Add Char. Slots, Restore Stamina & Baba's Shop.

Add Char. Slots

Characters slots are bought with 1 Dragon Stone which unlocks 5 slots for characters up to a maximum of 500.

So total Dragon Stones required will be 100 Dragon Stones which sounds like a lot, but really it isn't especially for those of you who farm characters it will be useful to max out once you start aiming to Z-Awaken everyone.

Restore Stamina

You can restore your stamina to max if you use 1 Dragon Stone.

Baba's Shop

Trade Pts.

Here you may press the plus symbol next to Owned to trade in unused characters, training items, support items & awakening medals for trade points.

When you first enter here there are only 3 slots available. You can unlock more buy spending Trade Points.

The items that are shown are chosen randomly every 24hrs, but you can press the Update button to spend 1 Dragon Stone to refresh it immediately.
The items shown here tend to be from the awakening medals category ranging anywhere from common to supreme & also including character specific (event) medals.

As you may guess common items will tend to be cheaper & have a larger quantity while supreme items will cost more & have a lower quantity.

I have reduced the total cost of the items to reflect a quantity of 1 because the quantity tends to randomize so by putting 1 as the quantity you an gauge how much a certain number of items will cost you. Supreme Medals only sell 1 at a time so no need to calculate for that.

The things that can be obtained here are (will continue to update in future updates):

Training Locations
Korin's Tower125
King Kai's Planet (10G)150
Snake Way175
Gravity Chamber (150G)1250
Supreme Kai's Planet1250
Training Items
Turtle Shell (40k)14
Sacred Water18
Weight (10t)140
Awakening Medals
Common Medals15
Rare Medals 150
Super Rare Medals1200
Ultra Rare Medals1500
Supreme Medals110000
Character-Specific Medals1250
Support Items
Recovery Drink, Cargo, Oolong (Type), Puar (Type), Shu, Hercule15
World Tournament Announcer (Type), Videl (Type)15
King, Korin Herb Blend, Launch, Bulma110
Dende, Videl125

Zeni Tab

Here you may use zeni to trade for items such as support items, training locations & awakening medals.

The price range of the items here are 25,000Z - 50,000Z with at least one of the items on a 50% sale at any given time.

These items are reset every 24hrs.

Dr. GeroAwakeningCommon525000
Kami's LookoutTraining LocationCommon125000
Senzu BeanSupportUltra Rare350000

Treasure Tab

Unfortunately this option is still in production by the Bandai Namco.


In Quest mode you will continue along a storyline in which Trunks & you are requested by King Kai investigate the dimension distortion that has taken place.

Each stage completed offers a total reward of 3 Dragon Stones (1 Dragon Stone per difficulty).

At the end of final stage you will receive 2 Dragon Stones for each difficulty completed.

Ex. Complete the final stage A Gloomy Parallel World on normal to receive the 2 Dragon Stone at the end. Do it again on Hard to also receive another 2 Dragon Stones & the same will go for Z-Hard.

In this section I will feature charts in this format.

Difficulty[Rarity] Boss DescriptionTypeDropDragon Stone

Difficulty: I - Normal, II - Hard, III - Z-Hard.
[Rarity] Boss Description: Rarity, name & description (ie. [SSR] Great Saiyaman Hero of Love and Justice)
Type: TEQ, AGL, INT, PHY or STR; with E- or S- representing Extreme or Super.
Drop: If the boss drops a character, special awakening medal or a guaranteed capsule (capsules must be repeatably obtainable to be listed here).
Also, note that Dragon Stones & Awakening Medals are for 1st clears only.
Dragon Stone: How much you gain at the end of the stage.

A good strategy to overcoming harder opponents is to play to their weakness.
That is to say you should assemble a 6- same type team that has the type advantage over the boss.

ie. A 6-type team of AGL characters can overcome high-difficulty STR boss even if your level is low, although it will still be difficult.

In addition to that hint is that when you first find the Dragon Balls (which should be your goal when entering into Quest Mode) make your first 2 wishes to increase your item limit & team space. This will make sure you have the support item count necessary to handle harder stages & the team space so you don't have to keep going to sell to go sell your excess characters (which you will notice fills up your character slots quickly).

If there are multiple bosses but separated by STOP markers such as is in the case of Area 5. Stage 2 then it will be set up like so..

Difficulty[Rarity] Boss DescriptionTypeDrop Dragon Stone


Difficulty[Rarity] Boss DescriptionType
Dragon Stone


if there are multiple bosses within a boss battle such as is the case with Area 3, Stage 8. then is will be set up like so..

Difficulty [Rarity] Boss DescriptionTypeDropDragon Stone

Boss 1
Boss 2

Boss 1
IIIBoss 1


if there are multiple paths leading to different bosses which end the stage, then will be set up like so..

Path 1

Difficulty [Rarity] Boss DescriptionType Drop Dragon Stone

Path 2

Difficulty Rarity] Boss Description Type Drop Dragon Stone


The boss you must defeat to complete the stage will always be in the top most table.