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  1. First thing, I am completely F2P so there's no way money is gonna be spent. I am gathering my gems for the next big event so may get better characters in future. Following is my character list. Please give my any no. of teams you can from these and if I need to get any character from story mode ,you can suggest that too.

    *Super Evolved-
    Luffy(Elephant Gun)
    Sanji(Grill Shot)
    Nami(Thunder breed tempo)

    5 star-
    Luffy(20th anniversary)
    Chopper(Monster point)
    Bepo the Martial Artist
    Zoro(Lion's Song)
    Law(Holy Night Nobleman)
    Caesar Robin(20th anniversary)
    Sogeking *I regret evolving my GP Usopp*
    Petty Officer Coby(Hero of Navy's Student)
    Princess Vivi
    Red Haired Shanks
    Jinbe(Warlord in hell)
    Basil Hawkins

    4 star-
    Iron-Mace Alvida
    Enraged Arlong
    Brook(Strawhat Pirates) *about to be super evolved
    Luffy(winter island adventure)
    Kumadori:Six powers
    Chopper(Brain point)
    Buggy the Clown
    Law(StrawHat-Heart alliance)

    Give me any types of team and depending on events I can go for now by using these characters.

    User Info: jay2695

    jay2695 - 1 year ago
  2. I also got GP Usopp for 4 stars.

    User Info: jay2695

    jay2695 - 1 year ago

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