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  1. Hi guys I really need your help to build a team tha I can finally win ch15 whisky peak . I need your advice ! Here are my characters buggy 4* 45lvl,GP usopp 37 lvl ,G2 1lvl, enrage Arlong 35lvl, kuro of hundred plans 1 lvl , zoro streaming wolf 47lvl ,mr 5 4star 37 lvl , izo at v1 20 , guard point chopper 20lvl, namule 20lvl , kimono zoro/ luffy / nami 7 lvl, perona v1 7 lvl , mad monk urouge 20lvl, and sanji parage shot 32 lvl The team that I am using arm is Arlong friend , Arlong captain , zoro streaming wolf , kuro GP USSOP , and buggy

    User Info: Mekbeth

    Mekbeth - 3 years ago


  1. Sanji kuro, perona,ussop,and arlong with rayleigh friend captain

    User Info: TShanks

    TShanks - 2 years ago 0   0

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