How to avoid the status attack of Lakshmi magicite dungeon?

  1. I've a problem with beating Lakshimi even with a strong enough dark team
    Sephiroth Sync SB, USB1, AASB
    Cecil USB1, Sync SB
    Garland CSB
    Aerith USB2, AASB

    with all attacking members over 600 atk and sephiroth 800 atk i still only manage to hit Lakshimi with very low damage and can't even break the damage cap after USB and AASB.

    And then comes the status attack unavoidable.
    What should i do??
    Is there a bug after the Magicite dungeon Had the overhaul?

    User Info: NyaoNyao

    NyaoNyao - 1 year ago

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