How to Master Dark Odin Magicite record?

  1. Hi there! In the FFRK Global Version (as of: 7/9/19), I've been able to barely beat Dark Odin in the Lord of Knights Magicite Record a few times thus far. Just enough times to win all of the grade rewards, specifically for attacking with each of the different elemental weaknesses - including poison. However, I have not been able to MASTER this fight. I've read everything I can, but I don't know where the "Elements Unbound" phase is supposed to come in... Near the end of each fight, the notification "All Powers Awaken" appears. I have been assuming this meant it entered the Elements Unbound phase, but apparently, that isn't the case.

    Can anyone who has managed to MASTER the Dark Odin Magicite Record (Target Score: Attack with an elemental weakness while the enemy [Dark Odin] is in its Elements Unbound phase.) please shed some light on this for me? I feel as if the answer is right in front of me, or I'm simply overlooking something... But it'd be really great if someone could help me get clarity on this. Thanks so much!

    User Info: Suffer2019

    Suffer2019 - 2 years ago

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