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Computer owners who like golf have been fortunate to have a wide range of games to choose from. Now, with Greens, you've got the definitive simulation.
Greens accurately recreates the fairways and greens of every hole using stunning 3-dimensional technology that allows you to travel anywhere around the course. You can even follow the ball as it flies through the air and watch from numerous selectable TV viewing positions.
Greens features accurately modelled club and ball dynamics, choice of club selection, ball and foot positions and swing. Varying course conditions add to the wide range of effects that you witness first hand. Greens is so true to life that it can actually improve your own golf game!
- Realistic 3-D landscape allows you free movement around the whole course.
- Animated "Televisual" presentation and camera positions, including a unique follow-the-ball option.
- Six challenging courses, each in a different style, including 'links', 'woodland' and 'water' courses.
- Options to change stance, swing, tee and ball positions and see their effects on your shots before, during and after each stroke.
- Varying ground and atmospheric conditions.
- Player profiles which change over time, including a full handicap system.
- A dozen game types including strokeplay, matchplay, best ball, skins and a full tournament option for 1 to 4 human players.
- Customizable computer opponents and replay facilities.
- Statistical and graphic hole-by-hole analysis of your performance.
- Easy to learn tutorial and a manual with over 100 pages of hints and tips to help your own game.

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