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A year ago, Hard Drivin' shook the world. Now buckle up and step on the gas as Hard Drivin' II, the sequel, streaks onto your screen.
Hold on tight as you roar round four thrilling new circuits, or build your own using the unique Track Editor. Once designed, a computer generated view of the new circuit will appear so that you can memorise your route and its hazards. Now you can test your skills on a really mind-blowing stunt track!
And there's more! Link your computer to a friend's Amiga, Atari ST or IBM PC for a head to head race to the finish. If you're lagging behind, go for gold and boost your speed with Nitro Injection--guaranteed to leave the opposition standing.
Hard Drivin' II is faster, meaner and even better looking than the award winning original.
Hard Drivin' II--Drive Harder!

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