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Only you can determine the fate of the Earth
See: The aftermath of a wild party in Hotel Venus!
Hear: The dreaded sound of the Polyester monster from Jupiter!
Smell:* The fresh pine scent from the Pine Grove on Pluto!
Touch:* Genuine green slime from Mars!
Taste:* Delicious Earth cheese!
* Subject purely to the level of your imagination
The Scary Mutant Space Aliens from Mars are coming, and nobody is ready. Are you? Can you travel across the Solar System and collect the necessary passwords that will enable you to penetrate the SMSA's secret fortress? Can you find your way through the Maze of Neptune? Can you operate a Dryfon 3 Zapometer? Can you collect the right tools to dismantle the Ion Beam Doomsday device? If so, then you may be the only one that has what it takes to save the Earth from the Scary Mutant Space Aliens from Mars.
- detailed room graphics
- digitized sound effects
- animated fighting scenes
- fully multi-tasking
- no copy protection
- command history
- quick-click mouse commands
- programmable function keys

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