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They call me The Punisher, because I dispose the dark side of justice - the side that doesn't care for Miranda Rights, search warrants or circumstantial evidence. Members of the underworld killed my family and got away with it. I'm settling the score.

And I get paid to do it. A clandestine group finances my missions because I accomplish whet the justice system can't. I eliminate drug dealers, expose corruption - I terrorize the terrorists themselves. I'm a professional Vigilante, and I work in Manhattan, where many consider me a hero.

But I've got enemies. One of them is seven feet tall and weights 450 pounds. His name is Kingpin and he's New York's undisputed head of organized crime. I've terminated his best assassins time and time again.

Now I've got a chance to nail Kingpin himself. For $500,000 an informant will reveal the feat man's location. It's a limited-time offer, so I've got to act now. If I can complete enough missions, I should be able to raise the money.

Half a million bucks. That means a lot of overtime.

Fortunately, I like my job.

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