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Your role as a ZODIAC agent is to infiltrate the sixteen-floor headquarters of the CORPORATION and locate and obtain an embryo from the building's foetal laboratory. Arm yourself with special tools and equipment including infra-red and thermal cameras, electronic lock picks, holograms and a jetpack in order to combat the internal alarm systems and avoid the multitude of security guards. CORPORATION gives the player complete 360 degree rotation with the ability to walk, run, jump and even inch your way through a complete three-dimensional environment.


SUPREMACY is a single-player strategy-simulation game that offers you the chance to battle for economic and military domination in four planet systems. You are personally responsible for managing resources, governing people, overseeing mining and farming operations, developing military strategies, training troops, playing campaigns and directing battles.

Government presents one of the most complicated challenges known to man. In order to run a single country efficiently, a leader has to control and manipulate a host of variables. Imagine how much more complex it is to govern an entire planet.


The Hunter is a lone behind enemy lines. With the versatility to make best use of a wide range of options and the expertise to complete dangerous missions, the Hunter is a breed apart.

His only accomplices are the weapons, vehicles and structures found in his amazing three-dimensional universe; his objective: to attack and survive. The Hunter has the will to win. Do you?

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