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FAQ/Walkthrough by Super Ninja Boy

Updated: 06/06/00

By:  Super Ninja Boy
Copyright June 2000
E-mail:  koffing66@hotmail.com
AOL Instant Messanger: EvilSNB

OK, where should I start?  This is my first FAQ.  I will do the best I can.  
I'm doing one for Golden Axe because it's a classic game and I was surprised 
that there was no FAQs for it.  Please email me what you think of this.  I 
am planning to do one for Golden Axe II and hopefully, Golden Axe III (which 
has almost nothing at GameFaqs) also.  And, I will probably update this 
frequently.  OK, here goes nothing...

TITLE> Golden Axe
GENRE> Hack n' Slash
# of PLAYERS> 2

I}    The Heroes
II)   The Enemies
III}    Ride Beasts
IV}   Walkthrough
V}My PointofView
VI}         Closing

^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^

SECTION I:  The Heroes

AX BATTLER the Barbarian
Height> 180cm
Weight> 90kg
Story: His mother was killed by the Death Adder.

Weapon: Broad Sword
Magic: Earth
*Level 1 (1-2 pots) = Small ground explosions
*Level 2 (3-4 pots) = Small ground explosions
*Level 3 (5 pots)   = Larger ground explosions
*Level 4 (6 pots)   = One huge ground explosion, tossing out boulders
Dash Attack: Shoulder Charge
Special: Heavy Hit

Ax Battler is the average of the three heroes.  He's in the middle both in 
terms of strength and magic.  A good character for beginner players.  His 
special, the Heavy Hit does double the amount of damage of a regular jump 
cut.  Your back must be facing the enemy in order for this to hit.

TYRIS FLARE the Amazon
Height> 172cm
Weight> ??kg
Story: Her parents were killed by Death Adder.

Weapon: Sword
Magic: Fire
*Level 1 (1-4 pots) = Phoenixes rushes out, fly around and causing the
                       ground to burn.
*Level 2 (5 pots)   = Four pillars of fire bursts from the ground.
*Level 3 (6 pots)   = Two fire spirits appears and merge to become one
                       and encircles around the battle field.
*Level 4 (7 pots)   = A huge fire surges across the screen.
*Level 5 (8 pots)   = A large mound of magma, spewing out lava chunks.
*Level 6 (9 pots)   = A gigantic dragon appears to scorch the battle
Dash Attack: Jump Kick
Special: Heavy Hit

Tyris Flare is the favorite among many players, because of her excellent 
ability at using magic.  She is, however, the weakest among the three 
heroes.  Her Special attack is not unlike those of Ax Battler's.  You must 
face away from your enemy in order to strike him/her/it.  Because of her 
great magic storage, Tyris is also a great character to be used by 

Height> 160cm
Weight> 68kg
Story: His brother was killed by Death Adder

Weapon: Axe
Magic: Lightning
*Level 1 (1 pot)     = A thunderbolt creates a barrier around Gilius
                        and amplifies lightning through the ground.
*Level 2 (2-3 pots)  = Two lightnings dance back and forth across the
*Level 3 (4 pots)    = Three thunderbolts shoot heavily down from

Dash Attack: Headbutt
Special: Dodge Smash

Gilius Thunderhead has great strenght as well as range in his attacks.  He 
is the favorite of most advanced users.  Be aware that he has VERY limited 
magic of only four pots maximum.  Novice should not use him to start with.

^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^

Section II: The Enemies

          Silver version           Gold version
           Attack> D                Attack> C
           Speed>  C                Speed>  D

          Purple version           Dark version
           Attack> C                Attack> B
           Speed>  C                Speed>  B

          Red version              Bronze version
           Attack> A                Attack> B
           Speed>  B                Speed>  C

          Silver version           Gold version
           Attack> D                Attack> C
           Speed>  C                Speed>  B

          Purple version           Dark version
           Attack> C                Attack> B
           Speed>  C                Speed>  B

          Red version              Bronze version
           Attack> A                Attack> B
           Speed>  B                Speed>  C

          Storchinaya              Lemanaya
           Attack> B                Attack> A
           Speed>  C                Speed>  A

          Strobaya                 Gruziya
           Attack> B                Attack> A
           Speed>  B                Speed>  B


           Attack> B
           Speed>  B

          Bad Brother              General Heartland
           Attack> C                Attack> A
           Speed>  C                Speed>  C

           Attack> B
           Speed>  C

          Lt. Bitter
           Attack> A
           Speed>  B

          Colonel Bitter           General Bitter
           Attack> A                Attack> A
           Speed>  A                Speed>  A

          Junior                   Death Bringer
           Attack> A                Attack> A
           Speed>  B                Speed>  A

          Death Adder
           Attack> A
           Speed>  B

^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^

Section III: Ride Beasts

One thing memorable about the Golden Axe series was the Ride beasts.  You 
try to knock their original owner off of them and then gain control of them. 
  It's often very difficult to keep them for long, as they make you a bigger 
target.  Another thing is that once they have been knocked down for a number 
of times, or once they regains conscience by themselves, they'll run away.  
Ride beasts are truly valuable.  Therefore, you must protect them well, even 
at the expense of one of your magic pots!!

Length> 270cm
Weight> 340kg

>>One of my personal favorites :) !!  And their only appearance is in stage 
>>one :( ...  The Chiken Leg attacks using his tail to whip his enemies.  
>>Once he does that, he is turned to the other side.  Be aware of this 
>>especially when you are surround it by a lot of enemies.

Length> 326cm
Weight> 552kg

>>The second most powerful beast in the game.  He breathes out a cloud of 
>>fire to whomever unlucky enough to get in his way.  He is perfect for 
>>trapping enemies in the corner.

Length> 326cm
Weight> 552kg

>>The Red Dragon is considered the best ride beast of the three.  His attack 
>>is spitting out fireballs at his enemies.  Keep a distance from your 
>>enemies when riding this beast.

*The attack power of a ride beast is equivelent to that of a vertical cut.  
Also, don't use only their regular attacks.  Charging is safer and produce 
the same great damage.

^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^

Section IV:  Walkthrough

STAGE I, The Wilderness

As soon as you make a few steps, you will encounter a silver Heninger and a 
silver Longmoan.  No problems there.  Just vertical cut one of them and use 
the special on the other.  If only one remain, use the special.  After you 
defeat them, another pair will soon appear, this time in purple.  Do the 
same to them.  You will now encounter a blue thief.  Quickly take two pots 
from them.  Remember, thieves move very fast.  In order to be precise, try 
walking towards them and hit them.  Not recommended are dash attacks and 
vertical cuts.  Now you are presented with another silver Heninger and the 
Amazon Storchinaya.  The Amazon is riding on a Chicken Leg!!  Unmount her by 
using dash attack.  Then take the Chicken Leg for yourself :) !  If there 
are still two enemies left, use the Chicken Leg's dash attack.  Otherwise 
you may use the tail whip.  Now the level splits into two.  If you are 
playing with a friend, get the character who has the Chicken Leg to go the 
high level, and the other goes through the lower.  The thief at the top will 
give out one magic pot will the one at the bottom gives more.  Proceed 
further and a silver Heninger and Longmoan appears.  Kill them both and the 
first boss fight begins.  The two Bad Brothers will not attack unless 
attacked.  Of course, after you finish dishing out with the two Heningers, 
they'll take actions.  Make sure you steal the second Chicken Leg here.  Do 
not hesitate to use magic here if you are Ax or Gilius.

CAMP>>>  The thief here gives you two magic pots.  Be forewarn.  Thieves 
only appear for a limited amount of time.  And they'll run away if you fail 
to take all of their pots.

STAGE II, Turtle Village [Pt. 1]

Be careful at the beginning of the stage.  There is a pit at the bottom 
left.  You will meet a red Heninger first, then a red Longmoan.  After that, 
another pair of the same, but this time, they try to sandwich you.  Just 
vertical cut one of them and "Special" the second one.  Proceed and you will 
find a silver Heninger and two Strobaya Amazons.  One of them is riding a 
Blue Dragon.  You may use magic to halt the action for a bit until you get 
the Blue Dragon.  The next thief will give you three pots.  Boss time after 
that!  One silver Heniger and two Strobaya Amazons.  The Strobayas, like the 
two Bad Brother boss last stage, won't move at the beginning.  Use this as 
you advantage.  After you have dispose the three, the real battle takes 
place.  One skeleton and two Amazons.  One of them is riding a Red Dragon!!  
Use magic here to aquire the Red Dragon more easily.  At first, use the 
dragon's dash attack.  You may use the fireball attack when all the enemies 
are on one side of the screen.  Remember to stay far away from them when 
riding the Red Dragon.

CAMP>>>  The blue thief here gives you three pots.  The green one gives you 
one meat.

Stage III, Turtle Village [Pt. 2]

A silver Heninger, Longmoan, and a Amazon appears.  The Amazon is riding on 
a Blue Dragon.  You might want to use magic to unmount her and take it for 
yourself.  When you get to the turtle's head, make a dash jump over the 
crack (Hey, you CAN'T afford to loose the beast, right :) )  The next thief 
gives you three pots.  If you are playing with a friend, get the unmounting 
player to hit him.  Otherwise, breath fire on him from the other side of the 
crack.  After that, you meet two Amazons [Green].  Stand of the wooden 
platform and use the Special against them.  Next, a Sergeant will rush out 
from the door.  At this time, don't advance too forward or the second 
Sergeant will come out.  After disposing the two Sergeants, you will find 
two thieves.  One will give you two pots, while the other gives you three.  
OK, boss time!  Two gold Heningers and one gold Longmoan.  Kill them all.  
Try not to use magic now.  Now the real boss, Lt. Bitter appears--along with 
a silver Heninger and a silver Longmoan.  Use the magic to relieve the two.  
Then concentrate on Lt. Bitter.  Use QUICK dash attacks on him.

CAMP>>> Both of the green thieves only gives you one meat.  The blue ones 
also give you only one pot each.

STAGE IV, Fiend's Path

One red Heninger and two red Longmoan appears.  Go to the uppermost level 
and destroy them using the Special!!  Be careful not to fall off the ledge 
at the bottom!!  One Skeleton appears in from of you!  Kill it with your 
special.  Then another one appears before you on the next level.  Kill it 
before going further down.  Then another one.  You know the drill :) !  A 
thief at the Fiend's Path?!!!!  This one gives you two pots.  Then, one dark 
Heninger and two dark Longmoan appears.  Kill them!  Then another Skeleton 
and dark Heninger appears.  Next is one dark Longmoan and two Skeletons, 
which appear right after the last enemies.  You may, not may not need to, 
use magic here.  And... that's the boss for the stage :) !

CAMP>>>  The green thief gives you one meat.  The blue one gives you three 

STAGE V, Castle of Death Adder

Drop down to the broken stone bridge as soon as the stage begins!  Then try 
to lure the enemies down so you can dash attack them, making them fall to 
their doom!!  Then, a red Amazon riding a Blue Dragon appears.  Kill her and 
take the beast.  Then, a red Longmoan appears, the a red Heninger.  After 
that, it's two red Heningers and one red Longmoan.  Boss time!!  Two Colonel 
Bitters!  Use magic on them first.  Then dash attack them one by one.  If 
you are by yourself, have each on one side.   Hit one, then the other.  The 
do it hit the first one while the other is down.  Then hit the second one 
while the first is down.  Repeat until they die.

STAGE VI, Death Adder's Court

Three thieves appear at the beginning.  Each holds two pots.  Get them!  
Then it's one red Heninger, one red Longmoan, and General Heartland.  After 
General Heartland fell, two Skeleton rushes in and Death Adder Junior comes 
out.  You may use magic here.  Hit Junior with the vertical cut when he is 
getting powered up for his yellow energy blast!  After the fight, you rescue 
the pricess and the lord.  Then you are requested to enter the castle!

STAGE VII, Inside Death Palace

A purple Heninger and Longmoan appears just before the hole.  Try making 
them fall into it using the dash attack!  A Skeleton will appear from the 
other side.  This part is VERY tricky!  You must make a DASH JUMP to make it 
across the hole.  Two Skeleton appears.  But if you stick to the bottom of 
the screen, chances are that they'll fall down the two holes before you even 
notice them :) .  Now a dark Heninger, Longmoan, and Amazon appears.  There 
are also holes on both side of the screen.  So try to push them off!  Now 
it's one Skeleton and one dark Amazon.  Now a whole bunch of thieves will 
appear, followed by a dark Longmoan.  After you have had your "Pot-a-mania" 
enjoyment, proceed to find two more Skeletons, which can very easily be 
pushed off the ledge.  Now the statue of bronze Heninger and Longmoan comes 
to life.  And you know what to do now!  Uh oh, two General Bitters!!  No 
sweat!  Push them BOTH down the ledge.

STAGE VIII, The Final Battle

Death Bringer and two Skeletons!  Use all the magic that you've got!!!  Be 
aware that Death Bringer can also use magic too!!  Furthermore, the 
Skeletons are indestructable.  Use the same strategy of Junior on Death 
Bringer!!  And beware of his special attack, which amplifies energy through 
the ground!  Use a lot of Specials too.  Good Luck!!

^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^

Section V: My point of View

Golden Axe is a REALLY old game.  I could remember when I was five years old 
(1989), seeing my 6th grade cousins (who are all fresh out of college now, 
mind you) playing it!  I used to remeber how they can ride a Blue Dragon all 
the way to the last boss (and fry him to death with it).  Now that I'm 15 
(as of February 2000), playing it reminded me how suck modern games are 
compared to older classics such as this.

Anyway, to get to the point---

I think the Golden Axe series is a true classic.  Too bad they didn't do a 
rerelease/remixed version for the Sega Saturn.  It could have been good.  
But who knows, maybe such game will pop up as a Dreamcast title.  Golden Axe 
Trilogy, anyone?

^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^   ^

Section VI:  Closing

Well that's it for my first FAQ.  Hope you have enjoyed it!  Again, if there 
is anything about this you'd like to comment about, please email me 
(koffing66@hotmail.com).  I will try to update this file as often as I can.  
Oh, and one last thing.  This is MY work!  No one shall steal it.  You may 
reproduce it electronically and distribute this however you like as long as 
I (along with Sega) have been given credit for it.  And this file may not be 
sold for profit (Can't believe anyone would be dumb enough to do that!!).  
OK, guess that's all I have to say.

... Super Ninja Boy

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