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Yo, Bubba, so you're thinkin' you might be headin' to Sturgis this year? Hey, cool by me. The rest of the bros will be goin' there too--oughta be a great time. It can be tough gettin' there, though. Ya never know what kinda stuff you'll run into. Maybe you'll get lucky and run into a great-lookin' babe who'll be happy to share your ride.
Hope ya got enough cash. If ya don't, I know there'll be some contests goin' on--a hill climb or two, maybe a drag race, for sure a poker run. If you're hardcore, you should be able to pick up some extra bucks. And you don't wanna miss the weenie runs, dude. (My ex ol' lady was the best at biting them weenies.) Ya oughta check out the slow rides, too.
Hey, bro, start cranking the throttle on your Hog, and I'll see ya in the Black Hills. Man, I'm gonna have me a great time.
Five Harley biker games--slow ride, hill climb, poker run, drag race, and weenie run contests that will test your skills as a hardcore biker.
Gritty graphics and sound--nothing sounds quite like a Harley.
Custom options for your bike--modify your bike the way you want it.
Difficulty levels--these will separate the wanna-bes from the hardcores.

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