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Who's the geek in the '55 Chevy? He wants to race, huh? Sure thing. What does he wanna bet? ...$10... $50... pink slips? Put up or shut up punk! I'm gonna blow the doors off that heap...
You've got the summer, 12 weeks, to beat the toughest hot rodder in town. They call him the "King." ...But first, you're gonna hafta prove yourself against all the locals who think they've got what it takes to be a hot rod hero. If you beat enough of 'em, you could win the dough to put together a real "cherry" car... a car good enough to take on the King.
Start out by choosing one of the 25 authentic hot rods from the local paper. Then, pick out the parts for your "mean machine," and customize it into a real street monster. You can even give 'er a tune up to make sure that baby's running in prime condition.
Then, get on the streets and rip down some of the meanest roadways head to head with your competition. Make sure to keep 'er steady and don't blow your engine. Keep an eye out for the cops, too... they can always ruin a good race.
- 25 "cherry" cars ranging from a '32 Roadster to a '63 Corvette.
- A full blown construction set to allow you to customize your hot rod.
- A separate drag race and road race complete with bumping and police.
- Over 35 different spare parts that you can buy and sell.

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