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FAQ/Walkthrough by Xoneris

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/06/12

Kings Quest 1: Quest for the Crown
Version: 1990 Remake
Distributed By: Sierra Entertainment 
Platform: PC

{Table of Contents                             }

How to Use this Guide
Item List
Points List
Alternative Paths
Minus Points
Dead Ends
Differences from Original                     
Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Information

{Controls                                      }

Up Arrow - Move North/Up
Down Arrow - Move South/Down
Left Arrow - Move West
Right Arrow - Move East
Page Up - Move Northeast
Page Down - Move Southeast
Home - Move Northwest
End- Move Southwest

+ - Faster Speed
= - Normal Speed
- - Slower Speed

F1 - Open Help Menu
F2 - Toggle Sound On/Off
F3 - Retype Last Command
F4 - Duck
F5 - Save Game
F6 - Jump
F7 - Restore Game
F9 - Restart Game

Ctrl A - About KQ1
Ctrl Q - Quit Game
Ctrl p - Pause Game
Ctrl I - Inventory
Ctrl S - Change Speed
Ctrl V - Change Volume 

Esc - Open Menu Bar
Tab - Open Inventory
Space - Retype Last Message

{How to Use This Guide                         }

This guide walks you through the game giving you the solutions to the 
puzzles.  The first solutions given are the "best" solutions to the puzzles 
and following them will gain you the maximum points available in the game.  
However, there are alternative solutions to most of the puzzles.  
Alternative solutions are marked with an asterisk (*).  These alternative 
solutions will allow you to complete the game but won't grant you the 
maximum points available.

Some parts of the game are timed.  The times that you have to deal with the 
game are marked with a clock symbol (00:00).

The way that the game works is that it requires you to type in your 
commands.  The commands you must type are in quotations (") and in CAPS.  
When you type the commands you should not include the quotations and 
capitalization doesn't matter.  In short, if I say "OPEN DOORS" you should 
type: open doors with no punctuation.

When I say to move a certain number of screens I mean to go through that 
number of screen changes.  So if I say "move three screens left" count the 
screen you're on as one screen, then the next as number two, and the next 
one as number three.  You'll change screens three times and be at your 

There are many ways to die and get caught in dead ends.  While I do not list 
every way to die there are some locations you are very likely to die or get 
caught in a dead end.  The warnings are marked in brackets [].

{Walkthrough                                   }

You start out at the Castle Portcullis.  Go left two screens.  Stand behind 
the rock and "MOVE ROCK."  [WARNING: If you stand in front of the rock and 
move it, you will die.]  "LOOK IN HOLE" then "GET DAGGER."  Go left one 

A lake with a small yellow Patch of sand is in this screen.  Walk up to the 
sand and "GET PEBBLES."  Once you have the pebbles go right one screen then 
up one screen.

There is a large tree here.  Walk up to the tree and "CLIMB."  This spot can 
be a bit of a challenge.  Walk along the branch towards the nest.  If you 
step of the wrong spot you will fall out of the tree.  This won't kill you 
or remove points so don't worry about it.  When you reach the nest "GET EGG" 
then walk back down the length of the branch to climb down.  *Alternatively, 
if you're lazy, you can fall out of the tree instead of climbing down.  This 
has no negative consequence.*  Once you're out of the tree go up two 

You encounter a walnut tree.  Walk up to the walnuts and "GET WALNUT."  Once 
you have the walnut, "OPEN WALNUT."  Go right one screen.

There's a field with a bowl laying on the ground.  Walk up to the bowl and 
"GET BOWL" then "LOOK BOWL."  Once you've looked at the bowl "FILL."  If you 
want you can eat the Stew, but be sure to fill the bowl again.  Go down one 

You'll be in a screen next to a lake.  If there's an Elf wandering there 
come close to the Elf and "TALK ELF."  If he's not there, leave the screen 
and come back until he is there.  You'll get a Magic Ring.  This Ring will 
make you invisible.  Go ahead and "WEAR RING" but be sure you don't jump 
while wearing it as it will cause you to lose the Ring.  If you want to use 
the Ring, "RUB RING" and you will turn invisible.  00:00The invisibility 
spell lasts a grand total of 3 minutes 40 seconds after which you will lose 
the Ring.00:00  Go right two screens.

You'll find yourself in a Clover Patch.  Walk up to the clovers and "GET 
CLOVER."  You'll have a four leaf Clover in your possession.  Go right two 
screens, one down, one right and two down.

There is a cabin here.  While you can find an axe and a pump in this area 
they don't do anything (King's Quest 6 even makes a reference to the axe).  
Enter the cabin.

The Woodcutter who lives here tells you that his wife is dying of lack of 
food.  Make sure your bowl is filled and "GIVE BOWL" (if the bowl is 
unfilled the Woodcutter will not accept it).  The Woodcutter will offer you 
his fiddle in return.  Walk up to the fiddle and "GET FIDDLE."  There is 
nothing more to do here.  Leave the cabin and go down two screens.

A Candy House stands in front of you.  Walk up to the house and "EAT HOUSE."  
If the game says there's a voice reciting a poem, leave the screen and come 
back.  *Alternatively, you can "KNOCK" and if there's a response you know to 
leave and come back but it doesn't get you points.*  Continue to return and 
eat the house until the game gives comment that the house tastes good.  When 
you get that message "OPEN DOOR."  [WARNING: If you enter the house when you 
hear the poem or get a response to your knocking you will die.]

Once you're in the house immediately go into the bedroom and walk up to the 
nightstand.  "GET NOTE" and "READ NOTE."  Wait in the Bedroom until you hear 
a message about hearing a voice outside.  This happens in about 20 seconds. 
Continue to wait 8 seconds and the Witch will come home.  [WARNING: If you 
are not hiding in the bedroom she will see you and you will die.]  She will 
start to heat up her Cauldron.  Go out the door and walk up till you touch 
the wall.  Then walk straight towards the Witch and "PUSH WITCH."  [WARNING: 
If you are too low in the screen the Witch will see you and you will die.]  
00:00You have only 18 seconds before the Witch finishes heating her 
Cauldron, if you fail to kill her by then you are in a dead end.00:00  She 
is gone from the game and her hunting screen is now safe.  With the Witch 
gone you can "OPEN CABINET" and "GET CHEESE."  *Alternatively, you can 
quickly try to grab the Cheese and the note and leave before the Witch comes 
but you lose points.*  There is nothing more to be done here.  Exit the 
house and go down two screens.

You'll find yourself at a Well.  Walk up to the back of the Well and "GET IN 
BUCKET."  You'll lower into the Well.  While you're in the bucket "CUT 
ROPE."  You'll fall into the water and the bucket will land in the water as 
well.  *Alternatively, you can walk up to the crank and "LOWER BUCKET" then 
"CLIMB ROPE."  This will also get you into the Well safely.  Once you're in 
the well "LET GO" then "CUT ROPE."*  With the Bucket floating in the water 
"GET BUCKET."  *Alternatively, you can get the bucket while it's on the top 
of the Well, by typing "CUT ROPE" before lowering the bucket into the Well.*  
00:00You can swim in the Well for 4 Minutes 10 Seconds afterwards you 
drown.00:00  After you have the bucket and are in the water "DIVE."

You find yourself under the water in the Well.  00:00You can only dive for 
25 seconds, afterwards you will drown.00:00  Don't worry about the Chest at 
the bottom of the Well, there's nothing you can do with it.  Make your way 
to the left and up to reach the pool and "GET OUT."  While you're close to 
the pool "FILL BUCKET."  *Alternatively you can fill the bucket while 
swimming or in a lake if you leave the Well, but be sure to fill the 
bucket.*  Go left one screen.

There's a rather large Dragon here guarding the Magic Mirror.  Without 
walking any closer to the Dragon "THROW WATER."  The Dragon will slink off 
opening an exit that leads to a cave.  *Alternatively you can "THROW DAGGER" 
and kill the Dragon but you don't get as many points.*  **Alternatively, you 
can obtain a spell of protection from your Fairy Godmother or "RUB RING" and 
"GET MIRROR" without doing anything to the Dragon but you lose points.**  
With the Dragon dealt with walk up to the Mirror and "GET MIRROR."  Now you 
can leave through the new opening in the cave.  Go left two screens. Once 
you’re out of the cave go down two screens.  *Alternatively you can return 
up the well by entering the pool, swimming back up to the rope and "CLIMB 
ROPE."  But unlike the original version of this game it does not gain you 
points to do this and you lose points for not leaving through the cave.  In 
this case you need to go left one screen and down one.*

You will find yourself at the top of a lake where there is an old log and a 
tree stump.  Walk up to the stump and "LOOK IN STUMP."  "GET POUCH" then 
"OPEN POUCH."  Go up two screens, left three screens, and down one.

You are in a Carrot Patch.  "GET CARROT" then go up one screen, right three, 
and down one.

You should be at the front of the Goat Pen.  OPEN GATE and enter the Pen.  
If you plan to leave the screen (even to go to the other side of the Pen) 
"CLOSE GATE."  Walk up to the Goat and "SHOW GOAT CARROT."  The Goat will 
start to follow you.  Go back to the gate and "OPEN GATE" if it's closed.  
go down three screens and left one.

There is a bridge spanning the river here.  Try to walk across the bridge 
and a Troll will block your path.  The Goat will automatically attack the 
Troll and get rid of him for you.  He will leave after this but there is 
nothing that can be done about it.  *Alternatively you can give the Troll a 
Treasure to cross the bridge but you lose points for it.*  Go left one 

Here you will find a Gnome.  Walk up to the Gnome and he'll challenge you to 
guess his name.  Guess "NIKSTLITSELPMUR" (Rumplestiltskin spelled backwards) 
for his name and he'll give you some Magic Beans.  *Alternatively you can 
fail to guess his name and get a Key instead but you lose all points for 
guessing his name right.  In this case go up two screens, left four, and up 
two.  "UNLOCK DOOR" and follow the path up the cave.*  From here go right 
two screens.  *Alternatively you can go down two screens.  It doesn't matter 
which spot you go to.*

You are in a Patch of flowers with a butterfly flying around.  
*Alternatively you can be in the Clover Patch.*  "PLANT BEANS" and watch as 
a beanstalk grows.  Walk up to the beanstalk and "CLIMB."

As you climb the beanstalk you will have to try to stay on it.  The trick is 
to make sure that Graham's hands are on the stalk.  His feet may dangle off 
the stalk but his hands must be holding it.  Follow the Patch of the stalk 
for two screens and reach the top to walk on the clouds.  Go right two 
screens, down one and right two.  *Alternatively, if you came up the cave 
just go down one screen.*

There's a large tree here with a hole in the bottom.  "LOOK HOLE" and "GET 
SLING."  Go north one screen and left one.

You will discover a Giant and he's got the Magic Chest.  If you're wearing 
the Ring "RUB RING" to turn invisible or if you have the Fairy Spell you 
don't need to do anything.  Wait around for 1 Minute 30 Seconds and the 
Giant will go to sleep.  When the Giant is asleep "REMOVE RING" to prevent 
yourself from losing it.  *Alternatively, if you have both the sling and the 
pebbles you can "USE SLING" to kill the Giant but you don't get as many 
points.*  **Alternatively, if you don't have the Ring or the sling and 
pebbles or are just looking for a challenge, from the tree screen go left 
two screens, up one, then right one.  Keep the large tree between you and 
the Giant and evade him.  He will go to sleep even though he knows you're in 
the screen.**  When the Giant is dealt with "GET CHEST"  then go right one 
screen and enter the cave.  *Alternatively you can go left three screens and 
"CLIMB" the beanstalk but climbing down the thing is even harder than 
climbing up.*

Follow the platforms in the cave down to the door.  [WARNING: The Dwarf will 
occasionally appear at random on the platforms.  If he does he will steal a 
Magic Treasure and you will have to restore to a game before running into 
him.]  From here you will need to go left three screens.  *Alternatively, if 
you climbed down the Beanstalk you will need to go two screens down from the 
Flower Field or two screens right from the Clover Patch.*

You will be at the screen with the cave.  A large bird will start flying 
around the screen occasionally swooping down towards you.  There is no set 
spot where the bird will swoop down but standing just behind the rock 
usually works.  If you're still wearing the Ring "REMOVE RING" and when the 
bird starts to swoop "JUMP."  If you time it right, you'll grab the bird and 
fly off.  If the bird leaves and you no longer hear the bird's theme leave 
the screen and come back.

The Bird drops you next to a large hole in the ground.  Don't go in the hole 
just yet.  [WARNING: If you enter the hole now you will be in a dead end.] 
Go left one screen.

Walk up to the Mushroom and "GET MUSHROOM."  Return right one screen.

Now that you have the Mushroom walk up to the hole and Graham will fall in.  
Follow the halls until you see a Giant Rat.  Walk up to the Rat.  When the 
Rat entices you to come closer Graham will stop.  "GIVE RAT CHEESE" and 
he'll leave.  [WARNING: If you continue to walk towards the Rat or try to 
pet the Rat you will die.]  *Alternatively, you can give the Rat one of your 
Treasures to pass but you lose points.*  When the Rat is gone walk up to the 
door, Graham will open it automatically.

Two Leprechaun Guards advance towards you.  Before they can reach you "PLAY 
FIDDLE."  The Guards will start to dance and disappear.  *Alternatively, if 
you have the Clover you can let them reach you and they'll disappear but you 
lose points in the long run.*  Continue on left one screen.

There are many Leprechauns here but they will disappear after you enter.  If 
you played the fiddle in the previous screen the King will leave his scepter 
behind.  Go up and "GET SCEPTER" and be sure to "GET SHIELD."  With the 
Treasure in hand go left.

There's a small hole on the left side of the screen.  Walk up as close as 
you can to get to it and "EAT MUSHROOM."  00:00You will only remain small 
for 10 seconds so don't delay.00:00  While you are shrunk escape from the 
small hole.  [WARNING: If you don't get out before regaining your size you 
are at a dead end.]  From here go up two screens, then right three screens.

You will be back at the Castle gates.  "OPEN PORTCULIS" and watch the end of 
the game.

{Item List                                     }

Found: In Hole Under Rock
Use: Get Bucket
Bad Use: Kill Dragon, Throw at Troll

Gold Egg
Found: In Large Oak Tree
Use: Gain Points
Bad Use: Bribe Rat/Troll, Give to Woodcutter

Found: Walnut Tree
Use: Open to get Gold Walnut

Gold Walnut
Found: Opening Walnut
Use: Gain Points
Bad Use: Bribe Rat/Troll, Give to Woodcutter

Found: In Tree Stump
Use: Open to get Pouch of Diamonds

Pouch of Diamonds
Found: Opening Pouch
Use: Gain Points
Bad Use: Bribe Rat/Troll, Give to Woodcutter

Found: Carrot Patch
Use: Show to Goat
Bad Use: Eat, Give to Goat, Give to Woodcutter

Ceramic Bowl
Found: Field Above Elf Lake
Use: "FILL" to get Stew, Give to Woodcutter

Magic Ring
Found: Given by Elf
Use: Turn Invisible to Avoid Danger

Water Bucket
Found: Well
Use: Fill With Water

Found: In Well/Lakes
Use: Defeat Dragon
Bad Use: Drink

Found: Sandy River
Use: Gain Points
Bad Use: Use with Sling to Kill Giant

Found: Witch's Cabinet
Use: Bribe Rat
Bad Use: Eat, Give to Woodcutter

Found: Witch's Bedroom
Use: Read to Gain Points and a Clue

Found: Given by Gnome if Name Guessed Right
Use: Plant to Grow Beanstalk
Bad Use: Eat, Give to Woodcutter

Found: Given by Gnome if Name Not Guessed Right
Use: Unlock Cliff Door

Found: Woodcutter's House
Use: Play to get Rid of Leprechauns

Four Leaf Clover
Found: Clover Patch
Use: Hold to Protect Against Leprechauns

Found: River Bank
Use: Eat to Shrink and Escape Leprechaun Lair

Found: Leprechaun's Lair
Use: Gain Points

Found: Tree Hole in Cloud Land
Use: Gain Points
Bad Use: Use with Pebbles to Kill Giant

Magic Mirror
Found: Dragon's Lair
Use: Required to Finish Game

Magic Shield
Found: Leprechaun's Lair
Use: Required to Finish Game

Magic Chest
Found: Giant's Lair
Use: Required to Finish Game

{Points List                                   }

2 Move Rock
5 Get Dagger
2 Climb Tree
6 Get Egg
2 Get Carrot
3 Talk Elf
3 Get Bowl
1 Look Bowl
2 Fill Bowl
2 Get Clover
3 Get Walnut
3 Open Walnut
2 Eat House
1 Get Note
2 Read Note
7 Push Witch
2 Open Cabinet
2 Get Cheese
2 Safely Enter Well
2 Get Bucket
2 Fill Bucket (Before Defeating Dragon)
4 Dive In Well
1 Enter Dragon Cave
5 Throw Water At Dragon
8 Get Magic Mirror
2 Exit through Cave (After Defeating Dragon)
1 Get Pebbles
3 Give Woodcutter Filled Bowl
3 Get Fiddle
2 Show Goat Carrot
4 Show Goat Troll
1 Look In Stump
3 Get Pouch
3 Open Pouch
9 Guess NIKSTLITSELPMUR For Gnome's Name First Time
2 Plant Beans
2 Successfully Climb Stalk
2 Get Slingshot
7 Giant Goes to Sleep
8 Get Magic Chest
3 Catch Bird
1 Get Mushroom
2 Give Rat Cheese
3 Play Fiddle for Leprechaun Guards
6 Get Scepter
8 Get Shield
2 Eat Mushroom Right Place
1 Exit Small Hole
3 Open Portcullis

{Alternative Paths                             }
(Points Gained/Altogether Lost)

-6/-10 Give Troll Egg
-3/-7 Give Troll Walnut or Pouch
-6/-8 Give Rat Egg or Walnut
-3/-5 Give Rat Pouch
3/-2 Kill Dragon
0/-2 Exit Well Through Well, Not Cave
8/-1 Guess Gnome's Name Second Try
7/-2 Guess Gnome's Name Third Try
3/-6 Don't Guess Gnome's Name
2/0 Unlock Door
3/-4 Kill Giant
0/-9 Approach Leprechauns with Clover (Don't Play Fiddle)
0/-7 Don't Kill Witch

{Minus Points                                  }

-2 Eat Stew
-2 Eat Cheese
-2 Eat Carrot
-5 Throw Dagger (Possible Dead End)
-2 Drink Bucket Water (Before Defeating Dragon)
-5 Kill Goat (Possible Dead End)
-2 Give Goat Carrot
-2 Give Woodcutter Carrot
-2 Give Woodcutter Cheese
-6 Give Woodcutter Egg
-3 Give Woodcutter Walnut
-3 Give Woodcutter Pouch
-8 Give Woodcutter Mirror (Dead End)
-8 Give Woodcutter Chest (Dead End)
-8 Give Woodcutter Shield (Dead End)
-5 Throw Dagger at Troll (Possible Dead End)
-6 Give Troll Egg
-6 Give Troll Walnut
-6 Give Troll Pouch
-6 Give Rat Egg
-6 Give Rat Walnut
-3 Give Rat Pouch
-8 Give Rat Mirror (Dead End)
-8 Give Rat Chest (Dead End)
-6 Dwarf Steals Egg 
-6 Dwarf Steals Walnut
-6 Dwarf Steals Pouch
-6 Dwarf Steals Scepter 
-8 Dwarf Steals Mirror (Dead End)
-8 Dwarf Steals Chest (Dead End)
-8 Dwarf Steals Shield (Dead End)
-4 Eat Beans (Dead End)
-4 Give Woodcutter Beans (Dead End)
-1 Eat Mushroom Wrong Place (Dead End)

{Dead Ends                                     }

Throw Dagger Before Getting Bucket
Kill Goat Before Getting Bucket
Throw the Dagger at the Troll before getting the Bucket
Lower the rope in the Well and cut the rope before getting the Magic Mirror
Eat the Magic Beans
Give the Woodcutter the Magic Beans
Give the Woodcutter Magic Treasure
The Dwarf steals one or more of the three Magic Treasures
Drop into the Leprechaun hole without the Clover or Fiddle and Cheese or 
Treasure and Mushroom
Give Rat Chest or Mirror
The Dwarf steals all Treasures and the Goat is killed/lost
The Dwarf steals all Treasures and Cheese is eaten/given to Woodcutter
Let the Witch finish heating her cauldron while you're in her House
Escape Leprechaun home without getting the Shield
Eat Mushroom in the wrong place or take too long to get out of the 
Leprechaun home

{Differences from Original                     }

You Can Plant Beans in Clover Patch
The Fairy Spell Can be Obtained Only Once
Shield is Always the Last Treasure to be Obtained
Sorcerer, Dwarf, and Ogre Can All Appear in Same Screens
Wolf and Sorcerer Can Still Find You When Invisible
If You Get Too Close to Ogre While Invisible He'll Still Kill You
Jumping While Wearing Ring Causes You to Lose It
Magic Ring can be Used Multiple Times
Losing the Magic Ring Does Not Cause Loss of Points
Losing the Goat Does Not Cause Loss of Points
Entering the Woodcutter's House Does Not Lose the Goat
The Dagger can be Thrown in any Screen
The Woodcutter will Only Accept Full Bowl
You Cannot Enter the Castle Until Obtaining All Three Magic Treasures
Filling the Bucket Only Gets You Points the First Time
The Fairy Spell Will Protect You From the Dragon
Entering the Water Doesn't Require You to Type "SWIM"
Once the Giant Goes to Sleep He Never Wakes Up
Returning up the Well After Defeating the Dragon Does not Gain Points
You Can no Longer Bow to King Edward
Successfully Reaching Cloud Land Gains You Points
Shield Will Not Protect You From Sorcerer's Spell
The Goat Does Not Protect You From the Witch
The Mouse Button Can be Left Clicked to Move the Character Towards it
The Mouse Button Can be Right Clicked to "Look" at Something in the Screen
Entering the Witch's House While Wearing the Ring Does Not Protect You
The Witch Can Now Spot You if You Try to Sneak Out of Her House
Holding the Magic Shield Will Not Save You From the Witch in her House
The Woodcutter no Longer Accepts Gifts After Receiving Stew
The Ring Will be Lost if You Get Pushed By Troll
You Can Give the Rat the Chest or Mirror

{Frequently Asked Questions                    }

Q: You mention getting a spell from your Fairy Godmother but I followed your 
walkthrough and never encountered this.
A: I decided to leave finding that up to you because you can only get the 
spell once and it lasts for a short amount of time.  The protection spell 
can be obtained if you go one screen south of the Clover Patch, or one 
screen left of the back of the Goat Pen, up from the lake to the right of 
the castle, or to the right of the rightmost Carrot Patch.  The spell lasts 
for 4 minutes.

Q: Can you still die when you get the Magic Shield/Fairy Spell?
A: Yes.  The Fairy spell won't save you from falls or water.  It will also 
always wear off before you reach the Rat and the Leprechauns.  After you 
obtain the Magic Shield fatal enemies won't appear in the field anymore but 
you're just as vulnerable to the Witch if you enter her house and the 

Q: Can you get the Treasures out of order? 
A: Yes and no.  In this version of the game you can get the Chest or Mirror 
in any order you want but the Shield always comes last.  The bird won't show 
up if you don't have the other two Treasures in your inventory so you can't 
get the Shield till last.

Q: Oh, no!  That Dwarf stole one of my Magic Treasures!  Can I get it back?
A: Unfortunately no.  If the Dwarf has stolen your Magic Treasures you are 
at a dead end.  The game won't end but there's no way to win.  If you have a 
save file to restore before losing the Treasure, you're fine, if not… start 

Q: Uh, oh!  I thought I was supposed to eat the Cheese!  What can I do to 
get rid of the Rat?
A: The Rat will take one of the three regular Treasures (Golden Egg/Golden 
Walnut/Pouch of Diamonds) as payment but you lose points for it.  As a basic 
rule of thumb: don't eat in this game.  This is not "Quest for Glory" and 
your character doesn't need to eat regularly.

Q: So there's nothing that I can eat safely?
A: Well, you can eat the Stew and the Carrot at any time.  You will lose 
points for doing so but with these items you can eat them and get them back 
for a restoration of the points.  But don't eat the Cheese and whatever you 
do don't eat the Magic Beans, you will get caught in a dead end.  You will 
also need to eat the Mushroom but in a very specific location.

Q: I, uh, ate the Magic Beans.  What can I do?
A: Restore your game.  If you eat the Magic Beans you can't go on.

Q: I ate the Mushroom and it shrank me but the effects wore off so quickly I 
wasn't able to do anything!  What am I supposed to do with it?
A: You do eat the Mushroom but in a specific location.  It's the way you get 
out of the Leprechaun's lair.  If you eat it any other time you are in a 
dead end and have to restore to a previous save file.

Q: Why are there some patches of forest that are all dark and brown?
A: These are the "Danger Zones" of the game.  If you find yourself in a dark 
patch of the forest it means that an enemy can show up.

Q: What purpose does the Ring serve?
A: It's a way to avoid certain dangers.  It's useful when you are trying to 
get away from the Dwarf, Ogre, Dragon, Witch (In the Field) and Giant.  It 
won't work to get past the Troll, the Witch if you're in her House, the 
Sorcerer, the Wolf, the Rat, or the Leprechauns.  You should also not get 
too close to the Ogre when invisible or he will kill you anyway.

Q: I guessed IFNKOVHGROGHPRM for the Gnome's name and he didn't accept it!  
What gives?
A: Roberta Williams received a lot of mail about the Gnome's name and 
decided that it was too incomprehensible to think of using a backwards 
alphabet to spell Rumplestiltskin, so in the remake she changed it to 
spelling Rumplestiltskin backwards: NIKSTLITSELPMUR.

Q: Graham is supposed to be a Knight!  Why can't he kill anyone?
A: He's supposed to be the kind, noble type and kind, noble people don't 
kill unless absolutely necessary.  Actually, you CAN kill but you usually 
get less points for doing so.  The one exception is the Witch.  You can kill 
her and even gain points for it.

Q: Your walkthrough didn't have me enter any screens with an enemy in them.  
What can I do about them?
A: Except for the Witch, the only thing you can do is avoid them.  If you 
have the Fairy spell then there's no need to worry about any of them.  The 
sorcerer is a bit worse in this game than the original.  Even with the 
Shield or being invisible, the Sorcerer will freeze you for 30 seconds.  The 
Dwarf may show up and take advantage of this and take your Treasures or the 
Ogre will come and kill you during this time.  As for the Witch, you can 
"DUCK" when she gets close to you but this is hard to do and if you just 
duck when she first appears in the screen instead of when she's close to 
you, she will catch you.  The other enemies must be avoided.  The best thing 
to do is to walk near the edge of the screen and leave and come back if the 
enemy shows up.

{Disclaimer/Copyright                             }
This Guide is Copyright 2011 Richard Turner

Use of this guide is for public or private use only.  Profit gained from 
this guide is strictly prohibited.  This guide should appear on GameFAQs, 
Gamers Hell, Cheat Happens, and Neoseeker only, unless written consent is 
received from the author.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders. All unofficial names given to 
things may be used in other guides, but should be treated as trademarks of 
Sierra Entertainment or other respective trademark holders.

{Contact Information                              }

If you have any information to add to this guide or questions that I did not 
answer contact me at renodox@hotmail.com with "Kings Quest 1 EGA Guide" in 
the subject line.  Spams and lewd comments will be deleted.

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