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"So realistic you can almost feel the ice hitting your face!" - PC Magazine
"Closer to real hockey than any I've seen. By far my favorite!" - Mark Howe, Philadelphia Flyers, five time NHL All-Star
Once again, face off with "The Great One", Number "99", Wayne Gretzky, nine-time winner of the NHL's MVP award and all-time hockey great. From the adrenaline rush of a breakaway goal to the tension of Sudden Death Overtime, WAYNE GRETZKY HOCKEY 2 takes you onto the ice for the ultimate test of skill.
All the award-winning features that made the original Wayne Gretzky Hockey so popular with real hockey fans...
- Each player is rated in 11 skill categories including skating ability, stamina, puck handling and aggression.
- Options include dual game speed, multiple difficulty levels, practice time, adjustable period length and more.
- Control any player, coach from the bench or let Wayne coach and watch the action from the stands.
- Make up teams, create unique players, load and save teams, or use the special teams provided.
- Overhead, real-time graphics let you experience the finesse of a passing game, the thrill of a last second save or the crunch of a bone-wrenching body check!
- User-controlled Instant Replay feature lets you review the action in forward or reverse.
- Display, print or save extensive team and player stats. Link to Hockey League Simulator for even more extensive stats.
Plus all these new features that make Wayne Gretzky Hockey 2 even more impressive!
- Refined artificial intelligence brings added realism to the acknowledged simulation leader.
- Two players can now play as teammates on the same team!
- Supports AdLib and Sound Blaster audio boards.
- Instant Replay "Goal Highlights" at the end of each game.
- PlayEditor allows you to create 16 special plays for each team.
- Choice of referee type and temperament.
- Individual player line changes - just like the pros.
- Save favorite plays with Instant Replay SAVE feature.
- New player faceoff and goalie options.
- Improved color control and menu ease of use.
Endorsed by the Greatest Name in Hockey!
"Bethesda Softworks has been working on this game for almost two years. Their level of commitment and the desire to "get it right" is what impressed me enough to become involved. While I may not be an expert on computers, I do know a little bit about hockey, and with this game, you'll feel like you're actually lacing up and stepping onto the ice. It's also a lot of fun to play and a great way to learn about some of the finer points of hockey."
Wayne Gretzky

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