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Having isolated themselves from the rest of the galaxy, the Xiphons created a multi-level, artificial universe controlled by XIPHOS, the all-powerful, electronic intelligence. The worlds of the Xiphons prospered until the day XIPHOS inexplicably went mad--destroying planets, shutting down environmental systems and disrupting the space-time continuum. Suddenly, the people struggled to survive, and two Xiphon factions, the Pio and Qon, began to fight for control of the remaining territory.
As an agent of the Galactic Council, you enter the war-torn, artificial universe of the Xiphons. Your mission is to take the spaceship Arrow to the center level and destroy XIPHOS... or be destroyed.
- Captain the future's most advanced craft in a super-fast and detailed 3D space-flight simulation with out-the-cockpit view.
- Explore six massive universes--docking at bases, dogfighting intelligent enemies, trading for weapons, and speaking to aliens.
- Access radar displays, shield indicators, docking beacons, weapons converters, energy flow modulators, navigation systems, computerized databases and energy banks.
- Acquire and launch a devastating array of weapons with lock, line-of-sight, ring or homing missiles and strategic nukes.
- Full flight controls with elevation, forward and rear propulsion, and 360-degree turning radius.

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