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Guide and Walkthrough by ankokumen

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/07/2012

                      __________      _____   ___________
                      \______   \    /  _  \  \__    ___/
                       |    |  _/   /  /_\  \   |    |
                       |    |   \  /    |    \  |    |
                       |______  //\\____|__  //\|____|/\
                              \/ \/        \/ \/      \/

                      Bureau of Astral Troubleshooters /
                        Bureau des Affaires Temporelles

                      Computer's Dream / Ubi Soft (1990)

                                 Version 1.1
                    Author: Jan Larres <jan@majutsushi.net>

                              TABLE OF CONTENTS



      Differences Between Versions




      Exchange Center
      The Bizzy Game





  B.A.T. is an interesting mix between a graphic adventure and an RPG. You
  have a set of attributes that can be increased over time, (sort of) random
  battles, a big city to explore and even a programmable computer, and you
  also have to solve puzzles and use some items like in a graphic adventure.
  The game has a fascinating cyberpunk atmosphere, but unfortunately many of
  its unique features remain quite under-utilized so the end result remains a
  bit unfulfilling. Still, it's definitely worth a try if you like this kind
  of game.

  You can also have a look at my longplay video on YouTube:


                                GENERAL TIPS

  - Read the manual. Knowledge of its contents is assumed throughout this

  - Remember to take your credit card out of vending machines, phones etc. If
    you forget to do that you should be able to find it again by using the
    'Search' command in the screen where you forgot the card.

  - The informant at the beginning says that you only have 10 days to find
    Vrangor, but that doesn't seem to be true. I once slept for two months in
    the hotel and it didn't seem to have any effect.

  - Don't steal in shops! If you get caught no shop will ever sell anything
    to you again.

  - If you are injured (the B.O.B. displays at least one body part in red)
    you will continuously lose health. You can set your rhythm to
    'Hibernation' to slow the loss down or buy anaesthetics from the Medical
    Shop to stop it completely.

  - Time always passes when you are wandering or just standing around. It
    doesn't seem to pass if you have menus open, but if you want to make sure
    that you won't suddenly get attacked or robbed (or starve) you can use
    the Help->Pause menu option.

  - If an enemy escapes during a fight they will most likely come back soon,
    possibly with reinforcements. So be prepared for sudden attacks.

  - Some of the people that are wandering around the city sell things like
    food and medicine. You may also be able to get certain access cards this
    way, but it's probably safer to follow the normal story path. Instead of
    buying the things you can also try stealing them, but that is obviously
    more risky as you may get attacked.

  - Be sure to always have at least 5 credits on your credit card, otherwise
    you won't be able to play the Bizzy game to get more money. And since
    Krells can't be converted to credits trying to steal money from other
    people won't help in that case.

  - You can sleep anywhere in the street if you really want to. I've read
    that if you do that or even just stand around for too long in one spot
    you may get robbed, but I've never had that happen to me.

  - All times mentioned in this walkthrough are based on a 24h clock, as
    that's what the game itself is using.


  During the course of this game you will have to feed yourself. The B.O.B.'s
  'PROG 2' display will show your current nutrition and hydration values. If
  any of them reach 0 you will slowly lose health (called 'life potential'),
  so pay attention to them (see also the programming section at the start of
  the walkthrough). You can accumulate a maximum of 2000 calories, after that
  the value doesn't increase anymore. This means that you should always carry
  some food around with you in case you can't reach a shop in time. See the
  shop tables in the appendix for prices.

  Sidenote: The Amiga version (and possibly others) seems to allow for more
  than 2000 calories. I've also read that eating too much in one sitting will
  make you throw up and possibly get sick, but I haven't been able to verify
  that. This may also differ between versions.

  The maximum hydration is 99% for some reason. Drinking has the advantage
  that you can get water for free from the fountain near the park entrance
  (go left from the entry hall), so you don't have to spend as much on

                        Differences Between Versions

  This walkthrough is mainly for the DOS version, but most things should work
  for all available versions (DOS, Amiga, Atari ST, C64, Amstrad CPC). Most
  differences I've seen from short tests seem to be details like how much
  money you start with, some prices, or the times when people are around; the
  only somewhat more substantial difference is that opening hours don't seem
  to matter in the DOS version, but they do in the Amiga version. If anyone
  knows of other non-detail differences please email me. Also see the
  sidenote at the end of the walkthrough for a potential important

                             CHARACTER CREATION

  If you press the right mouse button on the title screen you will be taken
  to the character creation screen. Technically it's more of a 'modification'
  than 'creation', but oh well.

  Even though the manual talks about all the neat things you would be able to
  do with your competences and aptitudes, in practice they hardly seem to
  matter at all. Only some of them like 'Reflexes' have an influence on
  things like how much time you have in a battle before the enemy starts
  shooting and how good your pickpocketing skills are.

  You can probably just leave the values as they are, but if you want to have
  at least some optimization the following competence values should give you
  a reasonable character:

    Force:        13
    Intelligence: 17
    Charisma:     03
    Perception:   08
    Energy:       17
    Reflexes:     20

  You can pick up one or two weapons depending on their weight. It doesn't
  really make much sense to carry around two weak weapons instead of one
  powerful one, so pick the MOZ (the second from the right) and leave it at
  that. The last weapon, called NOVA, is technically a bit more powerful than
  the MOZ, but it is so heavy that you wouldn't be able too carry around much

  Don't forget to save your character.


  Getting Started

  You start the game in the hangar with a credit card with 1000 credits and
  504 Krells in cash. The first thing you should do now, before going
  anywhere, is program your B.O.B. The ability to program your
  B.O.B. is another idea that's nice in theory but has only limited use in
  practice, as the best thing to do is to put everything useful into one
  program and just run that all the time.

  On the 'PROG 4' screen of the B.O.B. click the 'Edit' button to start
  editing a new program. The following program will automatically translate
  from the Robot and Alien languages (why do robots have their own language?)
  and warn you when you are hungry, injured etc.:

    END IF
    END IF
    END IF
    END IF
    END IF
    END IF
    END IF

  Note that for the DISPLAY command you need to select one of the five
  messages at the bottom of the command list.

  After you're done entering the program click 'Quit' and then 'Save', which
  will prompt you for a name. You will then see that name in the list on the
  left. Click on the name you just entered and press 'Run'. Luckily these
  programs are independent of the current game, so if you start a new game
  you can just click on 'Dir' to get a list of already existing programs,
  'Load' the one you want and then 'Run' it as before.

  After you're done with this follow the WC sign to the bathrooms on the
  right. Go to the stall in the back and you will meet your contact person
  who will explain your mission to you and give you your weapon(s), a
  hologram of Merigo and a leaflet. You can drop the leaflet after reading it
  as it's just taking up inventory space.

  Return to the hangar and leave through the exit left of the bathrooms. You
  will be in a street with stairs leading down to a pub referred to as "A
  Space Pub" by the game and a path to the Astroport Square further ahead.
  There's nothing important in the pub so you can just skip it if you want to
  (unless you want to buy drinks). Continue to the Astroport Square.

  The Astroport Square is one of the central intersections of the game. There
  are exits to the Mecafood Center, the Exchange Center, an (expensive)
  sleep-pod hotel and various streets. Before exploring the city we should
  get prepared a bit better, so go to Mecafood Center and buy some food
  (check the appendix for prices), and then exchange about 500 credits to
  Krells at the Exchange Center. This leaves us with two things that we need
  to get: ammunition and shields. Go straight ahead to the street in the
  middle of the Astroport Square, past the car and then on that junction
  there's the weapon shop on the right. Buy about 3 clips of E-300 ammunition
  for your MOZ (or E-10 if they run out of that). After that go to the armor
  shop (refer to the map to find it quickly) and buy 2 strength 8 force

  Now we're prepared to explore the city. You may wish to just walk around a
  bit to get more familiar with the layout, or you can go straight to doing
  one of the following three tasks. They can be approached in any order, but
  storywise it makes sense to try to find Merigo first.

  Dealing with Merigo

  Go to the Night Bar a bit north of the Central Junction (depending on which
  version you're playing it may only be open during certain hours). Ask the
  woman in front about Merigo and pay the 46 Krells she demands. She will
  tell you about a member of a specific race that she heard talking about
  Merigo. Write the race down, it is randomized for each game.

  Now we have to go find this person. Walk around the city and ask every
  member of the race you wrote down about Merigo. Note that you don't have to
  ask the what the manual calls 'static' characters, only the wandering ones
  that you talk to using the 'interpellation' icon. It's also important that
  you use the 'ask' menu item and not the hologram -- the hologram doesn't
  actually seem to be useful.

  Once you find the correct person he will tell you to meet him at the museum
  in the park at a certain time. Again, write the time down as it is
  randomized (or at least different between versions). Also make sure that
  you have at least 100 Krells (better 400) in cash to be able to pay him.

  Be at the museum at the specified time (you can ask the 'static' guy there
  about the time), and an interpellation icon should show up. Talk to him and
  pay the 100 Krells for his information. He will tell you that he spoke with
  Merigo at a certain time yesterday in the Xifo club. Write that time down
  as usual. The club is for members only, so you also need to get a
  membership card from him. You can either buy it from him for 300 Krells or
  try stealing it. If your pickpocket attempt fails you will probably have to
  kill him, though.

  Once you know the time and have the membership card go to the club at the
  specified time. Before you enter set your rhythm to 'accelerate', this
  should make the fight a bit easier. Inside the club go to the back and wait
  for Merigo to show up. He will attack you immediately, so be prepared.

  After killing him search the screen to find an electronic key. This will
  become useful later.


  We now need to meet up with a woman called Lydia as she will help us out
  later. Go to the dance club in the hot quarter between 01:00 and 06:00, set
  your rhythm to accelerate and pay the 50 Krells to be let in. Inside Lydia
  will approach you and ask to dance with you. Say yes. In the following
  dancing minigame you have to alternately press the left and right mouse
  buttons as quickly as possible to fill up the progress bar on the right.
  Keep doing that until she talks to you again. At that point she will agree
  to accompanying you around the city.


  The second person we need to meet is Sloan. Make sure you have at least
  1000 Krells in cash and then go to the arcade (again in the hot quarter)
  between 13:00 and 14:00, and go up to the Bizzy machine (don't just wait
  around in the arcade). Sloan will pop up and challenge you to a contest.
  Agree to it, and she will start playing the Bizzy game. You are going to
  play after her and then have to beat whatever level she reached. When you
  have won she will ask you what you want her to do, say that she should act
  as your guide.

  Note: For more information on the Bizzy game see the appendix.

  A visit to Kortakis

  Now we're going to try buying a DRAG (essentially a vehicle for inter-city
  travel). Go to the airlock, and then try going through it behind the guard.
  The guard will tell you're that you're not allowed in, but at this point
  Sloan will intervene and get him to let you through. In the DRAG room go to
  the top right into the small control room. The guy there will tell you that
  renting a DRAG will cost 5900 Krells and ask you to pay. Say 'no' here,
  even if you should have enough. Now Lydia will interrupt and tell you about
  a friend that would be able to help you out, and give you a phone number.
  WRITE IT DOWN, it is randomized and you won't be able to ask her again, so
  if you forget it it will be impossible to finish the game! (But see the
  sidenote at the end of the walkthrough for a possible difference between

  Go to the hangar that you started in, or the street between it and
  Astroport Square, and use the telephone there. Call the number that Lydia
  told you and ask the guy about an appointment with Kortakis. He will tell
  you that you are welcome at any time. Go to Kortakis' building through the
  hot quarter and the guard will let you in. Once inside ask Kortakis for
  money, and she will transfer 3000 credits to your credit card. She will
  also give Lydia a jewel.

  The Mobytrack & The Underground City

  For this part we're going to need the electronic key we got from Merigo, so
  if you haven't killed him yet do that now. Then go to the Astroport Square
  and go to the right behind the hotel, and continue going into the derelict
  building. Here Merigo's key will allow us to go through the entrance to the
  Mobytrack, a large and very confusing labyrinth. Don't try going through it
  without some kind of map or you will go mad. Also note that at least in the
  DOS version you shouldn't open the B.O.B. while you are on the Mobytrack or
  your display will get corrupted.

  Since there is only one way through the labyrinth to the underground city
  it is easier to just provide directions instead of a map.

  The way to the underground city:

    1L, 2R, 1L, 1R, 1L, 1R, 2R, S, 1R, 2R, 1R, S


      nL: Take the nth door on the left.
      nR: Take the nth door on the right.
      S:  Go straight through the door ahead of you. After going through a
          door you will face either right or left; which direction it will be
          is fixed for each door.
      T:  Turn 180 degrees.

  After arriving at the underground city continue to the control room. When
  you arrive there Lydia will tell you that there is a hole shaped like the
  jewel she got from Kortakis. Tell her to insert it into the hole, and you
  will hear a noise. Now search the screen to find an access card. This is
  all we need to do here, so go back to the Mobytrack.

  The way back through the Mobytrack:

    S, S, 1L, S, S, T, S, 1R*, 1R, 1R, 1L, 1L, S, T, 1R, 1R, S, T, S, S

      * This is not the door immediately to the right of you since that's the
        one you came through.

      Note that the way back is different from our way here because some
      doors only open in one direction.

  Preparing for the showdown

  Now there's only two more things to do before we can go after Vrangor:
  Exchange the credits we got from Kortakis to Krells so we can buy a DRAG
  and find another access card. First go to the Astroport Square and exchange
  enough credits so that you have at least 5900 Krells. After that go to the
  Grand Hotel, say that you want to stay 1 day, go to your room and search
  it. You should find a technician's access card.

  Before we head to Vrangor's station make sure that you have at least one
  full magazine clip and at least one full shield with strength 7, better 8.

  Showdown with Vrangor

  Go to the airlock with the guard, but instead of going through it to the
  DRAG room turn left instead to the technician's room. In there talk to the
  technician on the left and he will let you use the computer thanks to our
  access card. On the computer scroll through the entries until you come upon
  the one for the 'Epsilon' station (the same one as the one written on the
  card we found in the underground city). The computer will show an access
  code made out of Ls and Rs. Write it down, it's again randomized for each

  Now go to the DRAG room and buy a DRAG in the control room. Your DRAG will
  be on the left of the DRAG room. Enter it.

  Driving the DRAG is done in a 3D first-person perspective. Use the mouse to
  move to the left and right, the left mouse button to speed up and the right
  mouse button to slow down. On the radar in the lower left you will see
  Terrapolis as a white dot. Our goal is Vrangor's base, which will be shown
  as a red dot. Speed up your DRAG and look around until you can see the red
  dot on your radar. Once you do just head towards it.


    I've read in some places that the access card from the underground city
    is not necessary for the red dot to appear, which would essentially
    make the entire subplot around Merigo and the underground city
    unnecessary. This doesn't seem to be true in the DOS version, I wasn't
    able to find the red dot without the card even after driving around for
    more than ten minutes. Since that subplot is a large chunk of the game
    I assume that that might have been a bug in other versions of the game
    that was fixed in the DOS version.

  In Vrangor's base you will find a control panel in the lower left. Enter
  the access code you wrote down before starting from the top, pressing the
  left button for an L and the right button for an R. After you're done set
  your rhythm to accelerate and go to the right. In the next room you will
  get attacked by Vrangor. If you have enough shield and ammunition left he
  should be easy to defeat.

  Congratulations, you have beaten B.A.T.!

  Curiously enough you can actually continue playing the game by going right
  from the ending screen, but obviously there's nothing left to do.


                               Exchange Center

  Exchanging credits to Krells incurs a 1% charge. Also the exact exchange
  rate varies a bit, but is usually a bit over 2 Krells per credit. Note that
  it is not possible to convert Krells to credits.


  The Mecafood Center

  Be aware that the vending machine also charges you for items that are out
  of stock. I don't know if that's a bug or intended.

                   No  Name             Credits  Calories
                    0  Suchi (sic)           50        50
                    1  Slimeburger           23       800
                    2  Chips                 30       500
                    3  Sausage roll          38       300
                    4  Autumn rolls          40       700
                    5  Saveloys              35       450
                    6  Kradokinoi            39       410
                    7  Shell surprise        60        50
                    8  Blue orange           25        40
                    9  Dish of the day       65       850

  A Chin Merchant

                     Name              Krells  Calories
                     Selenian Salad        20        75
                     Kiche (sic)           18       250
                     Kluck Pate            24       175
                     Steak and Chips       36       750
                     Merluz Nitrokola      22       550
                     Saveloys              12       450

  A Space Pub / The Night Bar

                       Name           Krells  Percent
                       Double Splatz       8       25
                       Nitrokola          12       20
                       Seven Down         10       30
                       Metalurc           16       30
                       Centauriax         10       35

  Weapon Shop

  Power is called "Perforation coefficient" in the manual.

                        Name            Krells  Power
                        Voktrasof           80
                          LP-12             16      4
                        Beckmann           160
                          LP-57             20      5
                        Hacker             200
                          A610-80           30      6
                        Haas 10            300
                          N-29              36      5
                          T-02              40      7
                        MOZ                400
                          E-10              50      7
                          E-300             56      8
                        NOVA               480
                          NOVA battery      60      9

  Armor Shop

  Computer test/repair is for when the B.O.B. gets damaged in a fight.

                           Name             Krells
                           Force 6             200
                           Force 7             280
                           Force 8             400

                           Computer test        40
                           Computer repair      80

  Medical Shop

  'General' surgery is for increasing 'life potential' (health) and varies in
  effectiveness. The others are for healing the injured body parts that are
  displayed red in the B.O.B.

                         Name                 Krells
                         Stimulants               28
                         Anaesthetics             34

                         Surgery (Head)           60
                         Surgery (Chest)          50
                         Surgery (Abdomen)        40
                         Surgery (Left leg)       30
                         Surgery (Right leg)      30
                         Surgery (Right arm)      20
                         Surgery (Left arm)       20
                         Surgery (General)        80

  The Astroport Hotel

  The Astroport Hotel is rather expensive, so I recommend against staying
  there unless you're rich for some reason. 40 minutes of sleep cost 5
  credits, so for 8 hours you will have to pay 60 credits and 180 credits for
  24 hours (the maximum). Note that the time scale on the left is

  The Grand

  This fancy hotel is actually much cheaper than the Astroport Hotel, 1 day
  is only 20 Krells. You can stay up to 7 days. The time restrictions seem to
  be enforced somewhat inconsistently, though; if I only stay one day I get
  kicked out once the time is up, but once I said I wanted to stay 7 days and
  was able to sleep through 2 whole months without being disturbed.

                               The Bizzy Game

  The Bizzy game works roughly like the old 'Simon' board game: It shows you
  a number of symbols in a certain order and you have repeat that order after
  it finishes, with each level having one more symbol than the previous one,
  starting with 3 symbols for the first level. The main differences are that
  the order changes every level, so you only get to see the sequence once,
  and there are 8 symbols instead of 4 colours.

  In each level you have to bet a certain number of credits, starting with 5
  for the first level, and if you win you get twice that money back. So if
  you have 100 credits and win the first level you will end up with 105

  The following table shows the amount you have to bet for the first few
  levels and the total number of credits you will have won if you
  successfully complete that level.

                              Level  Bet  Total
                                  1    5      5
                                  2    6     11
                                  3    9     20
                                  4   14     34
                                  5   21     55
                                  6   30     85
                                  7   41    126
                                  8   54    180
                                  9   69    249
                                 10   86    335
                                 15  201   1090
                                 20  366   2570

  And if that's not enough for you you can calculate the bet amount and total
  won amount with the following two formulas. 'i' here signifies the number
  of the level you want to get the result for.

    Bet:  x  = 5 + SUM (2 * (n - 1) - 1)
           i      n = 2

                          i        n
    Total won:  t  = 5 + SUM (5 + SUM (2 * (k - 1) - 1))
                 i      n = 2    k = 2


  This map is based on the one by Fred J. Philipp in the book "Quest for
  Clues IV".

       ________________                                   .---------.
      /                \                                  |Kortakis |
  .------. .-------.    |    .-------.                    |    G    |
  |Hangar| |Vrangor|    |    | DRAG  |                    '---------'
  '------' '-------'    |    |Control|                          |     .-------.
     |         |        |    '-------'\                   .---------. |Table  |
  .------. .-------.    |              .-------.          |Kortakis'| |Merigo |
  |Button|_| Door  |    \______________| DRAG  |          |Building | |   F   |
  |Panel | |       |                   | Room  |          '---------' '-------'
  '------' '-------'                   '-------'                |         |
                                            |               .-------. .-------.
                             .-------. .-------.            |Street |_| Xifo  |
                             | Tech  |_| Air   | .--------. |       | | Club  |
                             | Room  | | Lock  | | Galaxy | '-------' '-------'
                             '-------' '-------' '--------'\    |
                                            |               .-------. .-------.
                    .-------.               |    .--------. |Street | | Dance |
                    |Museum |               |    |Arcade &| |       | | Floor |
                    |   E   |               |    | Sloan  | '-------' '-------'
                    '-------'               |    '--------'\    |         |
                        |      .-------.    |               .-------. .-------.
                    .-------.  | Food  |    |               |  Hot  | | Dance |
.--------. .------. |Outside|  | Shop  |    |               |Quarter|-|Club & |
|  Path  |-| Path |-|Museum |  '-------'    |               '-------' | Lydia |
'--------' '------' '-------'       |       |                   |     '-------'
    |                   |         __|___    |                   |
.--------. .------. .-------.    /  |   \.-------.          .-------.
|Fountain|-| Arch |-| Path  |    |  |    |Outside|__________|Street |
'--------' '------' '-------' .-------.  |Airlock|          |       |
              \_______________|Outside|  '-------'          '-------'
                              |Park   |
                                  |                .--------.
             _____________________/                |Bedroom |
            /                                      |   C    |
            |                                      '--------'
            |                                          |
            |                           .--------. .--------.
            |         .-----.           |  Cell  | | Grand  |
            |         | Bar |           '--------' | Hotel  |
            |         '-----'\              |      '--------'
         .------.            .--------. .--------.     |      .-------.
         |Street|------------|Outside | |Police  | .--------. | Armor |
         '------'            |  Bar   | |Station | | Street | | Shop  |
            |                '--------' '--------' '--------' |   B   |
            |                    |          |          |     /'-------'
.-------.   |     .--------. .--------. .--------. .--------.
|Medical|   |     | Weapon | | Street | | Street |-|  Side  |
| Shop  |   |     |  Shop  | '--------' '--------' | Street |
'-------'\  |     |   D    |     |          |      '--------'
         .------. '--------'\    |      .--------.
         |Street|            .--------. | Street |
         '------'------------|Central | '--------'
            |                |Junction|     |     .--------.
         .------.            '--------'     |     |   In   |___    To
         |Street|                |          |     |Building|    Mobytrack
         '------' _______________|_________/     /'--------'
            |    /               |              /
.------. .------. .--------. .-------. .--------. .-----.
|Food  | |Street| |Exchange| |Vehicle| |Outside | |Hotel|
|Center| |      | | Center | |       | |Building| |     |
'------' '------' '--------' '-------' '--------' '-----'
   |        |         |          |         |         |
|                   Astroport Square                    |
               .-------. .--------.        +---------------------------------+
               |Street | | Stall  |        | A  Hologram of Merigo, leaflet, |
               |       | |   A    |        |    weapons                      |
              /'-------' '--------'        | B  Force field                  |
             /     |         |             | C  Technician's card            |
.----. .-----. .-------. .--------.        | D  Ammo                         |
|Side|_|Space| |Hangar |_|Bathroom|        | E  Xifo club pass               |
|Room| |Pub  | |(Start)| |        |        | F  Electronic key               |
'----' '-----' '-------' '--------'        | G  Money, jewel                 |
                                           | H  Radar decoding device        |

             .-------. .------. .------. .-------. .----. .--------.
  From    ___|Chamber|-|Houses|-|Street|-|Street |-|Tiny|-|Derelict|
Mobytrack    '-------' '------' '------' '-------' |Room| |  Ship  |
                                                   '----' |   H    |

                               VERSION HISTORY

  1.1 (2012-06-03)
    - Added link to longplay on YouTube

  1.0 (2012-06-07)
    - Initial release


  Copyright (c) 2012 Jan Larres <jan@majutsushi.net>

  This document is released under the Creative Commons BY 3.0 license.


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